Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What Not To Wear Wednesday

On Saturday the husband and I went to a show at the Magic Stick in Detroit.  Illy Mack and The Hounds Below were playing a free, all ages show.  If you are unfamiliar with The Hounds Below, they are worth checking out.  I love live music in any form and I love it even more when I can see it for free even if it means braving the freezing cold temps, blustery snow and worst of all ALL AGES WELCOME!  Ugh! Double ugh!!  Officially I will never attend an all ages show in a bar ever again. 

While at the show I saw a lot of fash-holes, a.k.a. fashion assholes.  My husband gave me the idea to try and take pictures and then post them on my blog.  I knew I loved that man!  What a great idea?!

Fash-hole #1 - While this is not a great shot, those pants were up to her navel, causing a serious camel toe in the front and a mighty long mom ass in the rear.  I'm all for vintage, but "Dazed and Confused" called, they would like you to know that these 90's knock-offs of the original 70's pair is heinous and gave me instructions to burn those immediately. 

PS - The pants were topped with a black tucked in turtle neck. Gah!

 Fash-hole #2 - I admire individuality, but this isn't being an individual.  This is being an idiot.  Period.

This chick is a "do". ;)  Oh, that's me, at the same show, killing those "don'ts" up there!  A classic black blazer paired with a white tee, denim and black ankle boots is easy and and chic.

"That's what I love about these high school girls, man. I get older and they stay the same age."
David Wooderson - Dazed and Confused

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten Images of Inspiration - Femininity

I am a girly girl from head to toe.  I wear 5" heals to the grocery store and do my make-up to go to the gym (well...sometimes).  I don't need much inspiration when it comes to being delicate or feminine, but I think maybe some others might. Although, that being sad, I embrace all styles, just as long as you have some.

Ok, that's actually 14 images, but I just love being a woman and I find all facets of being a woman incredibly beautiful and stimulating.

"Women will be good for you and bring about your success.”  Christian Dior

Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Friday - Big Brother Vintage

If I wasn't married I would be moving to LA to hunt down the owner of Big Brother Vintage to get down on one knee and propose.  Not only do I love his shop, but I also have an huge crush on his looks.  His style is sick.

Aside from having the hots for him, I also think Big Brother Vintage has an talented eye for relevant and standout men's vintage pieces.  He titles his pieces with lyrics and quotes from novelists such as Edward Abbey and french poetry written by Robert Desnos instead of the usual description of the featured piece.  It's refreshing and uncommon.  I recommend that when you are looking for a rare gift for the man in your life to look no further than Big Brother Vintage.

This is my favorite piece in his shop right now...

"I talk to the wind, my words are all carried away, I talk to the wind, the wind doesn't answer you...." King Crimson 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Women In Sports

It's no secret that I am not a fan of women sports reporters.  I find it annoying to hear stats and facts from a woman.  Call me the anti-feminist, but I'd prefer to hear about sports from a man.  I pride myself on being knowledgeable about hockey, but that being said I would never get in front of a camera and try to tell a bunch of dudes my opinion on the sport.  I know that women can be just as acquainted with sports as a man, but unless you are prepared for the environment you are entering than I feel women should stick to short skirts an pom pons.

To prove my point I'd like to bring up a few recent stories in the news that make me say, "I told you so." 

ESPN fired announcer Ron Franklin after he apparently made "sexist, inappropriate comments" to Jeannine Edwards.  Ready for what he said..."Listen to me, sweet baby, let me tell you something." Following this she apparently requested that he address her more appropriately and he ended up saying, "OK, then listen to me, [expletive]."  I'm imagining that the expletive being referred to is bitch, but had she requested I speak to her differently I probably would have used c-u-next-tuesday, over bitch.  So, he's out of a job because he approached her with "sweet baby".  Wake up sweetie, I'm sure he uses slang when talking to other men, such as "dude" or "buddy" and no guy is running around crying to their bosses that he was "inappropriate"  Furthermore you mean to tell me that she never called a player or coworker anything other than his name?  Doubt it. 

I can not stand the fact that a woman enters a field that is bulging with testosterone and has the nerve to be sensitive.  In my opinion this sets women back further.  Of course men don't want to work with women.  Every time they say "hey sweetie" or direct their eyes anywhere below your chin, they are in danger of being accused of sexual harassment.  You need more proof? 

How about Ines Sainz saying that she felt "very uncomfortable" in the New York Jet's locker room, when she was allegedly being "harassed".  Ready for this....

Yep, this is what she wears to work.  To interview a bunch of muscle laden, horny men.  Apparently she has since stated that it was no big deal and that she never filed a complaint, but to make a comment regardless is so unbelievable to me.  She's beautiful and would still be if she wore a business suit or a sweater, but instead she looks in her closet and pairs skin tight denim with sheer top over a pink bra.  If that isn't an invitation for a man to look at your boobs then some of  my friends are never going to find a man.  (totally kidding about that) 

Normally, I save this kind of ranting for my husband, but when I heard this week of another man in sports being accused and fired for a so-called "sexist" comment to a woman, I though my head was going to explode.  I'm prepared for the backlash of these statements, but I hope you can take what I say with a grain of salt and realize that I am the quintessential girls girl.  I have fives times as many girlfriends as I do men, but I can't tolerate cry babies and that goes for men or women.

“Sure God created man before woman, but you always make a rough draft before creating the final masterpiece."


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

Ohhhh, heeeeey, I say sheepishly as if you called me last week and I'm just now getting back to you.  I'm not sure what exactly I have been doing that has kept me off my blogging game, but um, I'm back.

The only really big update in my life is the newest addition to our family! No, I'm not pregnant (don't get me started) but we adopted a new dog! 

That my friends, is Sir Bowie Stardust Bloomingburg and he is a major doll.  Sir Bowie is an 8 month old yorkie/min pin that was literally starving in a shelter until a woman that runs a rescue happened to find out that he was going to be put down on Christmas Eve!!! Her and her husband run a rescue for Newfoundlands, but she couldn't allow this sweet little man to be euthanized so she took him in and got him sterilized, fed, cleaned and sheltered.  DJ and I have been casually looking for a companion for Bella over the past few months and I happened to browse on Craigslist, just to stumble up this cutie pie! I could hardly resist that little face with those big ears.  The woman and her husband were not looking for a fee, but rather a nice loving home for this little man and I was all to ready to provide just that.  I immediately drove to pick him up and bring him home to meet DJ and Bella Rue.  It was a slightly rough first introduction.  Between the whole "marking" thing and Bella being a little annoyed to have to share her house, DJ and I were quite nervous about how we would make this work, but luckily by the end of the evening all our worries went away when Bella got up off the couch, walked over to Bowie and gave him her bone.  This may not seem like a very grand gesture, but to anyone that knows my Bella Rue, this is a shock worthy moment.  Need-less-to-say, it's been an adventure, but Sir Bowie Stardust fits right in to the Bloomingburg household.