Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dorothy Complex

For my first blog I decided to tell you something about myself. Everyone that knows me is highly aware of the fact that I have a deep & profound love for shoes! They take up almost an entire room in my house, so much so, that my cousin B-Rad calls it the "shoe room". The scariest part is that I don't even have enough space in the room to keep them all "out" all year round. I actually have to divide them by "spring/summer" & "fall/winter" to conserve space. Now, I don't know exactly how many pairs of shoes I have, but I do know that I have lots & I don't discriminate when it comes to shoes. I love all styles, colors & brands.

Vintage Cowboy Boots

Platform Stilettos

Even Vans Saddle Shoes

Now, I always tease and say that I buy so many shoes because, "when I go shopping I am never too fat for shoes", because of course you can always go shopping and try on a hundred dresses or pairs of jeans and at the end of the day you find nothing. You may feel like nothing fits right or nothing looks good, but you can always safely say that it's almost a guarantee that you will find a pair of hot looking peep toe stilettos that are going to set your heart on fire. The same is true for me, but the real reason I love shoe shopping is because of my grandpa. My mother's father, Dick, passed away many years ago, but long before he got sick & even longer before I found comfort in the sale shoe room at Von Maur, my grandpa would take me shopping every weekend & buy me at least one pair of shoes. I'm not saying that he bought me anything expensive, in fact we mostly bought them from KMart, garage sales or flea markets, but I was never without an adorable pair of shoes. To this day, my absolute all time favorite pair was my pair of sparkly red ones, just like Dorothy in the "Wizard of Oz" wore. I thank my Dorothy Complex of shoes to my grandpa, and I wouldn't give up that memory of him for anything, because there is no place like home & nothing better than family.