Wednesday, October 16, 2013

carry forth

Still there? I sure hope so. I have been in a very inbetween sort of position with this blog and I've been feeling unsure of continuing to share our lives so openly. Should I make it private so that certain someones can't read it? Should I just not blog at all? Not to mention life in general has been getting in the way. I took a break. A long one.

But onward and upward. Husband is on the road to recovery and fingers are crossed for no additional set backs. The plan is to be an active blogger again, publicly and not private for the time being. I can't make promises about how active due to the fact that I still am the only fully-able bodied parent currently, but I want to start making more time for myself, even if it's just sitting with my laptop typing away about daily Bloomingburg life. So here goes nothing...

I don't normally feel the need for change, but the summer has proven to be a difficult one, and has left me feeling the need for a new chapter. Hank turned one last Wednesday and DJ and I celebrated our third wedding anniversary that same day. We spent the day together. Just feeling all the love of the day pour over us. It really made my desire to turn the page that much stronger. I can't hardly believe how fast time is passing. How is it possible that three years have passed since DJ and I got married? And Hank is already a year old!? DJ and I laid in bed on Wednesday evening and reminisced about the evolution of our life together. It felt good to validate how far we've come.

So it's not a new month right now, a new week, a new year or even a new age, but I'm turning the page on something and starting a new something. I can't pin point the "something" just yet, but maybe I don't really need to. Maybe we're able to just declare a new chapter sometimes with no rhyme or reason. With no definitive end and no clear beginning but instead a full heart and a raised fist, ala Judd Nelson.