Friday, August 31, 2012

we couldn't resist

Henry Davis Bloomingburg
 Baby Bloom is officially named.  The plan was to keep his name a secret until he was born, but earlier this month after we had found a name that we both loved it was just too hard for DJ to keep it a secret.  DJ had already spilled the beans to his brothers and our soon to be sister in law and every time someone asked him about the name he would completely cave or "give hints".  Once I heard him practically shouting out the "hints" at the shower I asked him if he wanted to announce it after we opened up gifts.  He was like a kid on Christmas day.  

Both DJ and I lost a grandma this year, but DJ's grandma's initials were HD and her birthday was October 4th (very close to Henry's due date) so we thought it would be very special to use those initials to name our son.

We plan on calling him Hank and we have been calling him by name at home for a few weeks now.  It's the sweetest thing to hear your husband talk to his son in your tummy.  Not to mention the daily text I get after DJ leaves for work that says, "Hope you and Hank have a good day!  I love you both so much."  It's the best way to wake up.  

Happy labor day weekend by the way!  I'll be washing tiny little socks and onesies for days and getting the nursery organized for baby Hank.  Also DJ promised me some shopping time in A2 this afternoon, because I clearly deserve it (plus I think his motive may have a little to do with Moe's) now if he would just come home from work soon!  Enjoy the unofficial end to summer everyone!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


Last Thursday we went to Zoomance A.K.A. romance at the Detroit Zoo!  This was a really fun date you guys.  It was gorgeous out, there wasn't huge crowds of people and ALL of the animals were out.  Also this was a 21+ (although I would like to check some of these so called adults i.d.'s because I am certain there were some teeny boppers amongst the real adults.  Or maybe I'm just that old) event and I didn't have to allow a bunch of littles to stand in front of me because, well, they're kids and it's just rude to stand in front of a child even though I'm only 5'2" and a lot of the time the 9 year old standing in front of me is only about 1/2" shorter, effectively making it impossible for me to see anything, EVER.  End rant.

Back to how awesome Zoomance was.  There was a band playing good music and bars set up for those of whom are not with child.  I wish I would have known about this last year.

I did forget that A LOT of walking would be involved.  By the time I got to the back I was tempted to tell a zoo employee that I needed a ride back to the front on one of their motorized scooters.  I powered through though, like a champ.  Baby and I were still exhausted all day Friday though.  Baby Bloom usually wakes me up when he hears his daddy's alarm sound off around 4:30 or 5am with some super strong kicks, but Friday he was not having it.  He didn't get his groove on until about 10am!  I considered the fact that I may have been in such a deep sleep that I didn't even feel his jabs, but I think it seemed cuter that he was tired from all the zoomancing too ;)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

weekend inventory

Last week was such a long one, but the fun started Thursday and lasted all the way until Sunday! 

Thursday was Zoomance, and I'll get to that tomorrow.  Friday I got treats and presents at work from all my awesome coworkers.  They helped me celebrate my birthday from earlier in the week and our baby shower.  Peach cobbler, gift cards and sundaes!  It makes work so much more fun, when you know homemade peach cobbler is in the backroom.  After work I met my bestie for dinner and a brownie sundae.  I was on sugar overload.

Saturday was a wine tasting party at my besties house.  I made chocolate covered strawberries for an appetizer and probably ate the most of them, I mean that's really all I was there for, the food and to buy a bottle of wine that I won't be able to drink for a while.

Sunday was the best day of all!!!  The baby shower!  Baby Bloom's awesome circus themed baby shower.  I have about 1 million photos to sort through but here are some of my favorites. 

I can not believe how loved this little man is going to be.  We have the greatest family and friends.  It's overwhelming to feel so much love.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

6-12 months

It's a little bit of torture to have baby clothes and no baby to dress just yet.  Bowie is not the size of a newborn but I did discover last night that he's a slim 6-12 months :)

Tonight we are going to get real romantic at the zoo!  An evening just for adults to walk around the zoo!!!  I'm so excited!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekend inventory

It was my birthday weekend and it was jam packed with stuff to do! 

One of my most gorgeous friends is getting married next month and this weekend was her and her soon-to-be-hubby's bachelor/bachelorette par-tay.  Seriously, my friend is so beautiful, she looks like a barbie doll.  I literally can't wait for her wedding, which is the week before I'm due with Baby Bloom!  We met at her house and opened gifts and I drank a lot of water on the rocks.  They piled into the party bus while DJ and I tagged along behind in our car because I knew that after working all day, an engagement party (for DJ's cousin) and now a bachelor/bachelorette party I was not going to last all night.  And let me tell you, I didn't even make it to the bar!  I'll explain...This weekend was the Woodward Dream Cruise and we were right in the heart of lots of Dream Cruise action which made the traffic turn a 10 minute drive into nearly an hour.  I was half asleep and full of a headache so I pulled the chute and went home.  DJ bought me a chocolate shake and I fell asleep in our bed with the shake in hand.  So cute.

a little something for the groom

perfecting the arm triangle

Amanda, me, Meg, Katie, Pam & Val

Sunday (my birthday eve) we went to tour the hospital that I am giving birth at.  I knew even before I got knocked up that I wanted to give birth at this hospital.  It's new and clean and every room has a mini fridge and a flat screen t.v.  Better still all the rooms are private rooms.  We went to breakfast before the tour and arrived a little bit early.  I was insistent that we make sure that we know exactly where to go and where to park because I swear that if I am in labor and DJ makes a right when he's supposed to make a left I can't guarantee his safety from that moment forward.  I waddled in and immediately asked to be pointed in the direction of the restroom.  Afterwards we sat in the lobby and waited for the others to arrive.  Every single preggita that came to join the tour made their first stop the ladies room.  It gave me a good giggle.  The tour was exactly what DJ and I needed to gain a small amount of relief and a good kick in the butt to make sure that we finished packing our hospital bag and finalized our playlist. (which is so perfect by the way) 

pecan waffles are the bomb

Monday was my birthday!!  I am 27!  Twenty seven!  Two seven!  And you know what?  I am exactly where I would want to be...

Friday, August 17, 2012

bump bang boom

My belly is pretty major right now.

8 months
 exhausted - Again.  I'm feeling first trimester tired again.  Probably because I am up about 3-4 times a night to go to the bathroom or maybe because I'm carrying an extra 18lbs around but any way you slice it I have no energy to spare.

nauseous - Again, again.  This first trimester symptom has also decided to resurrect itself, not in the same way though.  It's a combination of stuffing my stomach too full (since it's jammed up towards my neck at this point) and my vicious heartburn.  I try to keep myself full by spacing out smaller meals, but it gets hard when I'm working all day.

vagina pains - This is a brand new feeling.  I layed on the couch last week and about fell to the floor in pain as my tiny son punched me right in my Queen Victoria.  This is not a precious moment by any means.  I could feel him so low and the pains were so sharp I was actually frightened that by morning I would have a tiny arm hanging out of me.  I know, I know that I'm crazy but it was a really uncomfortable feeling.

presents - Our neighborhood is tiny so it always blows my mind that the UPS guy is in our neighborhood everyday.  I always wonder who is getting all of those packages?!  Well lately it's been me us!!  I feel like the end is in sight so it's a good feeling to know that when the baby comes we won't be entirely unprepared.

emotional - I am a roller coaster of emotions.  There is no other way to describe my moods lately.  I can be in the loveliest of moods and then be balling moments later when I see a recap of all the acts of good sportsmanship at the Olympics.  DJ thinks it's insane adorable.

stretch marks - NONE! Yessssssssss!

anxious - I'm anxious to meet my son...for him to get here...for my next doctors appointment...for our baby shower...for the finishing touches on the nursery to be finished...for the pain of labor.  I'm anxious at all times.

contractions - The braxton hicks kind of course.  They seem to be happening mostly at night.  It's tough to walk up right and to move around when my stomach feels so tight but they aren't painful.

back pain - I thought I had a pretty strong core until I started carrying around 18lbs in my stomach.  That put things into perspective.  Ok, I haven't gained all 18lbs in my stomach, at least 10 of it is in my face.

It's so fun to be pregnant.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

the big top

My shower is next weekend and it's a circus theme so how fitting is it that there was a circus in downtown Plymouth on Tuesday!?! 

I had the day off and spent the day at the doctor (babe and I are perfect per usual), shopping, cleaning (which apparently I will be still doing for a while until we can find someone decent to hire to help me) and doing some chalk drawings in the nursery.  As soon as DJ got home from work he told me that there was a circus starting just down the street.  So exciting!  We got there and quickly realized that the circus is more for parents with children that are outside of the womb currently but it was still really fun.

There were tigers, elephants, zebras, camels, dogs, was wild.  (I did get slightly emotional over the fact that they use a whip type element to get the tigers to do what they wanted them to do.)  We walked over to the ponies that we corralled slightly off the beaten path during intermission and fed them grass,  It brought a lot of small children over which I'm sure was not part of the actual circus but it was far more fun than sitting on an enormous elephant in my voluptuous state ;)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

weekend inventory

Accidental week break from blogging again.  Whoops.

This weekend we celebrated my upcoming birthday and my cousins' birthdays as well.  We are all born in the month of August and with everyone's busy schedules it's easiest to celebrate them all together.  Especially now that the boys are older (and much taller apparently) and they don't have the big theme birthdays anymore I can sneak my birthday celebration in with theirs.  We grilled, sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and ice cream.  It was perfect.

Birthday Cake!

My cousins:  Jake the Snake & B-Rad

Ben (he's shy) and Otis (he's not shy and weighs 125lbs)

Afterwards, hubby and I went home to grocery shop and then plop our butts in front of the tv to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  Spice Girls anyone?!?  So awesome!!  DJ was only slightly embarrassed by the fact that I knew every.single.word to their songs.  Ha.

Also, Bo got a bath on Sunday.  He smells so fresh and so clean!
 Now that the Olympics are done though we're a little lost.  What did we watch on tv before?

Monday, August 6, 2012

weekend inventory

I'm back.  Back in a really good mood.  A four day weekend was just what I needed to feel less like a beast and more like a beauty.  The meltdown I had on Friday afternoon didn't hurt either. 

Thursday and Friday I spent the days working on the yard and playing outside with the fur babies.  We took naps in the afternoon while watching the Olympics and it was so relaxing.  Friday evening I walked down to my best friends house and vented with her and her mama.  I just needed to complain a little.  Sometimes a girl just needs someone to let her talk nonstop about everything that's nagging her for a solid 2 hours and agree that, yes, I am in the right in all of those situations.  Thanks for that Meg.  The frozen yogurt that ended the night didn't hurt either.

Saturday, DJ and I got up early and went to the farmers market in downtown Plymouth.  I used to go frequently, but I haven't been this entire year. I can see I've been missing out.  We bought all kinds of treats, fruits, veggies and sampled a plethora of bbq sauces.  Being up that early really opens up so much time to get things done.  We ran errands all day long and made a huge dent in our to-do list.  I also went a little insane on the baby clothes.  I know everyone keeps telling me not to buy any because I will get a ton at the baby shower, but I can not be stopped right now. 

I want these.  I'll be back for you!

We bought spicy jalapeno raspberry jelly.  Nom nom nom.

We grilled dinner and ate outside on the deck when the weather cooled off.  We got our Pandora on and listened to the Heart station.  So. Very. Awesome.

None for me :(

I cut the corn off with a knife then eat it.
 Sunday we had a late breakfast and just as soon as we came home I got the call I had been waiting for all week!!!  Our crib was in!  I did not hesitate to drive to pick it up.  I left DJ at home to paint the frames for the nursery.  He wanted me to wait, but again, I could not be stopped.  I'm sure the young girl that had to lift my insanely heavy crib into the back of my SUV thought it was real cute that I left my husband at home.  I got it home and impatiently bounced around until the husband caved and said that we could start putting it together.  It took us about 25 minutes to find the first two pieces, but once we found those it was smooth sailing.  It still took us 2 hours but we didn't kill each other and that is a success in our book.  It all looks so good.  Happy lady over here.