Tuesday, August 14, 2012

weekend inventory

Accidental week break from blogging again.  Whoops.

This weekend we celebrated my upcoming birthday and my cousins' birthdays as well.  We are all born in the month of August and with everyone's busy schedules it's easiest to celebrate them all together.  Especially now that the boys are older (and much taller apparently) and they don't have the big theme birthdays anymore I can sneak my birthday celebration in with theirs.  We grilled, sang Happy Birthday and ate cake and ice cream.  It was perfect.

Birthday Cake!

My cousins:  Jake the Snake & B-Rad

Ben (he's shy) and Otis (he's not shy and weighs 125lbs)

Afterwards, hubby and I went home to grocery shop and then plop our butts in front of the tv to watch the closing ceremony of the Olympics.  Spice Girls anyone?!?  So awesome!!  DJ was only slightly embarrassed by the fact that I knew every.single.word to their songs.  Ha.

Also, Bo got a bath on Sunday.  He smells so fresh and so clean!
 Now that the Olympics are done though we're a little lost.  What did we watch on tv before?


Faye said...

Hi Laura! Happy Birthday!! Your cake looks lush. I joined you in singing every word of the Spice Girls (I may also have danced around the living room) my other half thought I was crazy!! Having Olympic withdrawal symptoms over here too. Will you get to see the Paralympics in the US?
Faye xx

cupkake said...

I have been listening to a Spice Girls station on Pandora all week. It is only slightly embarrassing at stoplights.

Laura said...

Faye, I just checked and according to the internet I'll be able to watch some hour long specials for the Paralympics! I didn't even know about them! Thank you!