Tuesday, February 28, 2012

snowed in

Just kidding. My best friend and I made a bet back in December when we thought the first "big" snow fall would hit us and let's just say those dates came and went a long time ago.  It's been a relatively mild winter for us Michiganders, but I am still none-too-pleased at the cold.  I know that 40 degrees is a treat for February in The Mitten, but it doesn't make it warm people.

On another note I have been seriously craving pancakes lately.  I mean REALLY craving those suckers.  I called husband to interrupt his leisurely day with the guys and said that we needed pancake mix stat and that I was not taking no for an answer about having breakfast for dinner (brinner).  Being the awesome hubby that he is, not only did he bring home pancake mix, but he also brought home bacon and oreos, but that's was more or less an after dinner treat.

I'll start by saying, I am a horrible pancake maker.  Like, bad.  So bad.  They are either burnt, too runny, raw in the middle or cold by the time we eat them.  Tonight though, I kicked buttermilk butt and made such good pancakes!  DJ made the bacon and smoked the house up.  It doesn't even matter though because dinner was everything I craved and everything I dreamed it would be.

begger #1

begger #2
 Oh and yes I am going to pretend like I didn't stop blogging for a month.  I've got a lot up my sleeve ok?