Tuesday, January 17, 2012

hot and heinous - golden globes

The Golden Globes were on this weekend and I love a long red carpet filled with arrivals from Hollywood's elite.  I almost get more excited for the dresses, hair, jewelry and make-up than I do the actual awards.  I put together the best and worst dressed, in my opinion of course.


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I'm sure there are some different opinions out there, my husband for example can't believe I put Sarah Michelle Gellar in the heinous category, but that's the beauty of fashion.  It's subjective.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

musings of a hipocritical only child (part 1)

A former only child that is.

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1.  You can tell an awful lot about a person based on how they treat an animal, more specifically a dog.

2.  Speaking of animals, please do not allow your animal to ravage your guests.  If the dog is jumping, barking or humping do not make your guest fight off the dog themselves.  It makes people uncomfortable to have to discipline someone elses pet.

3.  Same goes for your child.

4.  Be a good tipper, period.

5.  If you see that someone has food in their teeth, their fly is down, or something is askew that they clearly are not aware of, tell them.  Just be a decent person and tell them.  Why are we embarrassed to tell someone they left half their spinach salad from lunch in their gibbs?

6.  Gossip is unavoidable.  Truly.  Learn to laugh at the untruths that your hear about yourself otherwise you are going to waste an awful lot of time and energy putting out fires that no one really cares about anyway.

7.  Guys, stop sticking your dick in crazy and then complaining about the shit you have to deal with and vice verse goes for you chicks.

8.  Don't ask people, "When are you guys gonna get married?" or "When are you guys gonna start having kids?" because quite frankly you don't know what the situation is and it may lead to someone having hurt feelings.

9.  Keep promises to yourself.  If you can't rely on yourself then why should anyone else?

10.  Iron your clothes.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

holiday hangover

The past few days I have felt like crap.  Having the flu along with getting some crummy news yesterday is surely a drastic change from the holiday high that husband and I have been on for the past few weeks.  Dinners, drinks, friends, family, lazy days spent in pajamas, *engagements*, babies and presents make for such a happy time.  The week after however is back to work, the flu, taking down decorations, cleaning up and family heading back home.

Here are some highlights from the holiday!

I'll just cross my fingers that next week the holiday hangover subsides.  Hangovers really do get worse with age.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

time for a fresh start

 Every new year brings the promise of a new start and of course a resolution or two.  Traditionally I have a list of resolutions a mile long.  I may not accomplish all of them, but it sure feels better to accomplish some of many instead of having only one and not completing it.

New Years Resolutions for 2012

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I wish you luck in all of your fresh starts this year.