Friday, August 31, 2012

we couldn't resist

Henry Davis Bloomingburg
 Baby Bloom is officially named.  The plan was to keep his name a secret until he was born, but earlier this month after we had found a name that we both loved it was just too hard for DJ to keep it a secret.  DJ had already spilled the beans to his brothers and our soon to be sister in law and every time someone asked him about the name he would completely cave or "give hints".  Once I heard him practically shouting out the "hints" at the shower I asked him if he wanted to announce it after we opened up gifts.  He was like a kid on Christmas day.  

Both DJ and I lost a grandma this year, but DJ's grandma's initials were HD and her birthday was October 4th (very close to Henry's due date) so we thought it would be very special to use those initials to name our son.

We plan on calling him Hank and we have been calling him by name at home for a few weeks now.  It's the sweetest thing to hear your husband talk to his son in your tummy.  Not to mention the daily text I get after DJ leaves for work that says, "Hope you and Hank have a good day!  I love you both so much."  It's the best way to wake up.  

Happy labor day weekend by the way!  I'll be washing tiny little socks and onesies for days and getting the nursery organized for baby Hank.  Also DJ promised me some shopping time in A2 this afternoon, because I clearly deserve it (plus I think his motive may have a little to do with Moe's) now if he would just come home from work soon!  Enjoy the unofficial end to summer everyone!


Marianne said...

Love this. Baby Hank, you are so loved.

jamiedawn said...

loooove this! precious name and precious texts from your hubs :) thats so sweet

Lindsay said...

love the name - it's perfect! I'm terrible at keeping secrets so keeping a great secret like that would be hard for me too.

Holly said...

henry/hank is a fantastic name!!!

Denise Pacurar said...

So cute!!

Micaela said...

Baby Hank... i love it! it's especially special because of the special meaning of where Hank came from.

also the texts from your husband? swoon!

happy nesting-- i can't believe i'm 11 days til my due date!!!!