Wednesday, September 5, 2012

weekend inventory

OK we just didn't really do too much this weekend.  We shopped, ate-out, finished organizing the nursery (not such a small task) and went to Arts, Beats and Eats.  We weren't exactly lazy, but we probably could have finished everything in one day and instead we spread the wealth of un-fun through out the whole 3-day (4-day for me) weekend.

I actually didn't take very many pictures this weekend either.  Mostly because I forgot to even take them and partially because I didn't want to carry the fancy camera and my iPhone was constantly in the red for battery life.

Hope you had a lovely Labor Day though.  Once the final baby toy was put away DJ made homemade lemonade!  I had walked all over Arts, Beats and Eats on Saturday in search of a carnival style lemonade and never got one.  We finally found it right after I broke down and got a stupidly expensive 20oz of Crush Orange but by then I was too sour to spend another $10 on lemonade.  (Not really $10 but you get the idea)  So, Monday DJ went out and bought a ton of lemons and an enormous amount of sugar.  It turned out awesome.  I had heartburn worse than ever before but it was really worth it.


Holly said...

that sounds really really delicious right now!

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

we have the same way of spreading un-fun things throughout a period of days rather than just getting it all over with at once... i blame it on pregnancy : )