Wednesday, September 12, 2012

weekend inventory

Hope your hump day is treating you well.  I have been a nesting fool, cleaning everything from the fridge to the light fixtures.

The weather is back in the 80s today but over the weekend I got a taste of fall and I am already missing it.  I want the cool weather back.  Never have I wanted to say goodbye to the warm summer months as much as my over heated pregnant self does lately.  Don't kick me for saying this.

We spent the fall weather Sunday in the best way ever.  AT THE CIDER MILL!  Donuts, apple cider and the adorable petting zoo.

Apparently all of the weird weather we have had has made the price of apples and cider go through the roof.  $10 for a gallon of cider?  Makes gas prices seem low, ha!  I don't care though, just like I don't care that cider makes my heartburn feel like the baby is trying to take the elevator up. 

Monday I did find out that the baby is super ready to vacate the premises.  He wants to stretch his legs so badly he actually cracked one of my ribs.  I have been complaining about my ribs hurting/burning nearly every single day and when I told the doctor on Monday how uncomfortable I've been, he confirmed that I am not just a whiner, but a soon-to-be mommy with a cracked rib.  Bummer right?  Happy hump/bump day!


Marianne said...

Oh my gosh, ouch!! I think baby boy just wants to get his hands on more cider & donuts, even if it means kicking his way out. ;) I can't wait to visit & bring you a donut back! :D Love you.

cupkake said...

ohmigosh! hope you are doing okay and get to meet lil' henry very soon!

Holly said...

a cracked rib! omg. im so sorry, sheesh these babies sure are strong.