Wednesday, August 22, 2012

weekend inventory

It was my birthday weekend and it was jam packed with stuff to do! 

One of my most gorgeous friends is getting married next month and this weekend was her and her soon-to-be-hubby's bachelor/bachelorette par-tay.  Seriously, my friend is so beautiful, she looks like a barbie doll.  I literally can't wait for her wedding, which is the week before I'm due with Baby Bloom!  We met at her house and opened gifts and I drank a lot of water on the rocks.  They piled into the party bus while DJ and I tagged along behind in our car because I knew that after working all day, an engagement party (for DJ's cousin) and now a bachelor/bachelorette party I was not going to last all night.  And let me tell you, I didn't even make it to the bar!  I'll explain...This weekend was the Woodward Dream Cruise and we were right in the heart of lots of Dream Cruise action which made the traffic turn a 10 minute drive into nearly an hour.  I was half asleep and full of a headache so I pulled the chute and went home.  DJ bought me a chocolate shake and I fell asleep in our bed with the shake in hand.  So cute.

a little something for the groom

perfecting the arm triangle

Amanda, me, Meg, Katie, Pam & Val

Sunday (my birthday eve) we went to tour the hospital that I am giving birth at.  I knew even before I got knocked up that I wanted to give birth at this hospital.  It's new and clean and every room has a mini fridge and a flat screen t.v.  Better still all the rooms are private rooms.  We went to breakfast before the tour and arrived a little bit early.  I was insistent that we make sure that we know exactly where to go and where to park because I swear that if I am in labor and DJ makes a right when he's supposed to make a left I can't guarantee his safety from that moment forward.  I waddled in and immediately asked to be pointed in the direction of the restroom.  Afterwards we sat in the lobby and waited for the others to arrive.  Every single preggita that came to join the tour made their first stop the ladies room.  It gave me a good giggle.  The tour was exactly what DJ and I needed to gain a small amount of relief and a good kick in the butt to make sure that we finished packing our hospital bag and finalized our playlist. (which is so perfect by the way) 

pecan waffles are the bomb

Monday was my birthday!!  I am 27!  Twenty seven!  Two seven!  And you know what?  I am exactly where I would want to be...


Anonymous said...

Such beautiful women you have all grown up to be!! I am proud to say I know and love you all!! Mama xoxo

vickichristine said...

happy belated bday darlin!

Holly said...

private hospital rooms are a must, yay! and for a second i thought i read that your breakfast was from the hospital, i was like, daaaang your hospital is the best! ;)

Elise Rogers said...

oh my gosh your blog is adorable!!! I cant wait to read more posts!!!! You look so gorgeous prego:) New follower!