Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Oops I Did It Again

Ohhhh, heeeeey, I say sheepishly as if you called me last week and I'm just now getting back to you.  I'm not sure what exactly I have been doing that has kept me off my blogging game, but um, I'm back.

The only really big update in my life is the newest addition to our family! No, I'm not pregnant (don't get me started) but we adopted a new dog! 

That my friends, is Sir Bowie Stardust Bloomingburg and he is a major doll.  Sir Bowie is an 8 month old yorkie/min pin that was literally starving in a shelter until a woman that runs a rescue happened to find out that he was going to be put down on Christmas Eve!!! Her and her husband run a rescue for Newfoundlands, but she couldn't allow this sweet little man to be euthanized so she took him in and got him sterilized, fed, cleaned and sheltered.  DJ and I have been casually looking for a companion for Bella over the past few months and I happened to browse on Craigslist, just to stumble up this cutie pie! I could hardly resist that little face with those big ears.  The woman and her husband were not looking for a fee, but rather a nice loving home for this little man and I was all to ready to provide just that.  I immediately drove to pick him up and bring him home to meet DJ and Bella Rue.  It was a slightly rough first introduction.  Between the whole "marking" thing and Bella being a little annoyed to have to share her house, DJ and I were quite nervous about how we would make this work, but luckily by the end of the evening all our worries went away when Bella got up off the couch, walked over to Bowie and gave him her bone.  This may not seem like a very grand gesture, but to anyone that knows my Bella Rue, this is a shock worthy moment.  Need-less-to-say, it's been an adventure, but Sir Bowie Stardust fits right in to the Bloomingburg household.

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