Tuesday, May 28, 2013

weekend inventory

Holiday weekends always throw me for a loop.  I never seem to know what day it is for the rest of the week. 

This weekend was lovely.  We spent Saturday napping, cleaning and making snacks for the hockey game.  Sunday was a trip to the zoo and Monday was pajama day, as planned.

More on the trip to the zoo tomorrow though.  Tonight we're going to see Of Monsters and Men and we will probably get soaked.  It's raining cats and dogs and of course we have lawn seats for this show.  We're going with our friends Kristin from SXMW and Mat, plus last night I was talking to my bestie, only to discover her and her man will be at the show too! So happy!  We can all sport the drowned rat look together and it will be adorable.  There are talks of bringing a canoe and a patio umbrella though just to be safe.  Ha.

Enjoy your Monday Tuesday night, staying dry!  Thank goodness for another day off tomorrow!

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Lindsay said...

I have been listening to of monsters and men nonstop lately. Have fun & embrace the rain!