Monday, June 3, 2013

weekend inventory

I had such a great weekend you guys and I hope you did too!
Friday I went and did a little shopping and then came home to find my two guys hanging out playing on the floor together.  Talk about cute.  Hank was scootin' around in a t-shirt and diaper.  DJ made me dinner while I played with my little bear and then got him ready for bed.
Once Hank was down for the night, I strapped on my running shoes and got in a quick run between thunderstorms.  It was awesome weather for an evening run.  Humid and warm, which for some reason made me extra happy.

Saturday I had plans with my bestie, Megan, to go out for the night for drinks.  It's just been way too long for a good girls night out, just to talk and vent.  We went to the bar right down the street from our houses.  Much needed drinks and conversation.
Sunday was the best day.  I got up with Hank and let DJ sleep in a little. Hank and I were extra productive.  Meg and I had more plans on Sunday.  We were going to a run in downtown Detroit followed by a vinyasa yoga class.  Hank and I ate breakfast, worked on our composting, threw in a load of laundry, emptied all the garbage cans and took out the garbage, got dinner prepared for later and emptied the dish washer.  That's when I discovered that the brand new carafe I just bought from Target a week prior, was annihilated by the dishwasher.  Damn that dishwasher can hardly get the broccoli remnants off my baking dishes, but it will warp the hell out of a plastic carafe.  (It was only $3 so I'm pretty sure I can spring for another)

Meg picked me up and we got coffee, met with another girlfriend and ran from the yoga studio down to Comerica Park and back.  I was already exhausted but we went up to the yoga studio where the instructor had fresh pressed juice for us and we found a very full and warm studio.  It was an hour and fifteen minutes of the best yoga I have ever done.  I wouldn't consider myself an advanced yogi, but I am surely not beginner either.  This class was PERFECT! I hate going to a class at a gym because every class is taught like no one has any idea what yoga is all about.  The instructor, Monica was great and I felt like I sweat out every ounce of water I had to possibly sweat out.  We chanted, balanced and it was just what a Sunday yoga session called for.  I even learned a new arm balance pose that makes me feel like the most centered and strong woman ever.
After yoga we treated ourselves to brunch and met the most adorable beast, Lola.  Lola is a two year old great dane and a precious giant baby.  Her owner taught her not to slobber kisses all over people so she would just nuzzle her nose against your cheek to show affection.  Hello, heart melting all over the patio.
excuse my uniboob-not sure why my boobs look uneven either geez

We drove home afterwards and luckily for me Hank was all primed for an afternoon nap.  Oh happy day.  We napped and woke back up to dinner smelling delicious, just as I planned.


k8te said...

sounds like a fun weekend! and yes, WHY is every yoga class like a beginner class?! that class sounds perfect! i need to find a good studio near me.

jamiedawn said...

Oh my god I am madly in love with his head full of gorgeous red hair! As a hair stylist (and the daughter of a red headed mama) I think I have a special place in my heart for a good red head. He's so perfect