Wednesday, May 8, 2013

mr personality takes a bath

If you haven't noticed already, let me just go ahead and tell you, that Hank has the biggest personality.  He is the happiest and sweetest child.  His growing curiosity and sense of humor continues to amaze DJ and I each and every day. 

One of my most favorite parts of my day lately, is giving Hank a big boy bath.  While down in Florida we gave Hank a bath every day.  He was inevitably covered in sand, sun block, chlorine or just plain old sweat each and every day, requiring a bath.  We didn't bring the whale tub with us so we chanced his newly aquired talent of sitting up.  I supported his back and caught him when he tipped, but he had a blast every night splashing and playing.
Since we've been back from Florida, Hank is none too impressed with the confines of the whale tub.  He squirmes and arches til I finally set him on the deep end of the whale so that he can see Teddy the turtle swim around.  I've finally given in completely and we decided to skip the bath tub dance each night and just fill our tub.  Hank is in heaven, I tell ya.  He gums the heck out of his blue tug boat and his turtle.  The first few times he would reach a point where he was sick of sitting up though and just wanted to lay down.  The tub was shallow so I let him lay in the water.  He was panting with excitement.  Maybe he felt like he was floating. 
Closing proceedures follow bath time and Hank falls fast asleep in my arms every night.  Another favorite part of our daily routine.


k8te said...

he is so stinkin' cute! those eyelashes!

Holly said...

we still use the baby tub because we bathe jonas every night and dont want to fill up the big tub so often!! but hank looks pretty happy laying on his back, we may have to try this :)