Thursday, May 9, 2013

oh hey sunshine

Long live lawn work warm days!

Over the past few weekends we worked on our lawn.  Lawn work is truly an ongoing battle.  Nowadays I have a reason to sit down and supervise though, as apposed to just sitting and supervising before and being referred to as a lazy bum.  Henry conveniently needs to be tended to the minute the lawn work gets too hard.  Ha.
The lawn bags have been never ending each week.  The more we buy the more crap we decided needs to be ripped out and replaced.  Since cutting down one of the enormous trees in our back yard we are finally able to plant more grass and eliminate some mulch.  When we moved in to this house the whole back yard was covered by weeds, trees and overgrowth.  Over the past two years we have practically doubled the size of our backyard.  It's been a lot of work though. 

Sunday we got up early and went to Lowes.  We bought mulch and grass seed, among a cart load of other things that we needed.  Once we got home I decided to try putting Henry on the grass, just to see how he liked it. 
He LOVED it.  Henry was all about the way the grass felt.  He kept pulling the grass and rubbing it.  He was a very happy camper.  After a few minutes I set him on his blanket and he kept pulling the blanket onto his legs so that he could reach the grass again.  Serious cuteness.  Daddy slaved over the front lawn and Henry and I snuck inside for a nap.  It's hard work watching daddy. 

We woke up after our nap and treated ourselves to some ice cream.  Well DJ and I had ice cream.  Henry got to watch all the cute puppies and enjoy the afternoon walk.

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Kristin Key said...

I am dying over those pictures of hank in his hat. Also, Mat works at Lowe's now, so he is your guy if you ever need any help in the plumbing department! hah.