Monday, April 22, 2013

weekend inventory

I will be getting to our vacation starting tomorrow, but today is just a wrap up of this past weekend.

Friday we all slept in.  Even Hank.  We had a slightly nightmarish flight home on Thursday night so we all really needed the extra shut eye.  Once our bums rolled out of bed, DJ and I made coffee and a bottle for Hank.  We were immediately inundated with the Boston bombing updates.  We had not been able to shake the awful events that occurred at the marathon.  We kept the news on most of the day and not only did I get our suit cases unpacked but I also got our laundry done. (pick your jaw up off the floor)  We did some running around, groceries, Target for general odds and ends and Lowes for veggie seeds and to look over some flooring options.  (we've made some big decisions regarding our home and we're not hesitating to start the remodel process)  Once we got home, Hank was nearly ready for bed.  He was still so exhausted from vacationing and teething has reached a wicked stage.  I gave him an early bath and got him in to bed.  DJ and I ate dinner while we sat glued to the tv and were over joyed when they finally caught the suspect.  I planted my veggie seeds and when DJ left to play late night hockey, I struggled to keep my eyes open beyond 11pm.
Saturday, we did not leave our house.  Partially because we really needed a day of full on vacation recuperation and partially because April 20th is my unluckiest day of the entire year.  All bad things happen to me on this day and it's all related to being in a vehicle.  It's my best friends worst day also.  We've been in accidents together, accidents apart, tickets, etc.  Therefor I battened down the hatches this year and crossed my fingers I wouldn't choke on a chicken bone or something.  Luckily nothing bad happened, unless you count Hank's rotten awful day of teething.  That's been going on for days though so I didn't sweat it.  We spent the day in jammies and ordered chinese food to be delivered.
Sunday, we all went to the winter farmers market in the morning and bought damn near a case of jam.  It was our local jam lady's last market in Michigan so we stocked up on her raspberry jalapeno jam and a few others.  I was thrilled that there was lots of fresh produce to choose from.  I planned on buying a ton of fresh produce but was sorely dissapointed to find that they were nearly sold out.  That left me to buy spicy turkey jerky and gluten free sweet treats.  After the market we headed to Henry's friend Will's first birthday party.  It's incredible to see how at one year, Will is such a little man.  Not so much a baby, but a boy.  Hank is six months, a half a year.  Six months flew by.  I'm certain the next six months will fly by just the same and we'll be watching our son smash into a cake just like handsome Will.

It was a great weekend that ended with yummy dinner and a little swinging on the back deck and only a little bitter sweet knowing that I had to come back to work today. 

I have the day off tomorrow so it's only a little awful to have to return to the working world.  Happy manic Monday!

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Anonymous said...

Henry sure seems to love his swing!! I love it!! xoxo mama