Wednesday, April 24, 2013

vacation all i ever wanted, vacation had to get away

This vacation could not have come at a better time.  I promised to bring Michiganders back some warm weather but instead it snowed tonight. Meh.  Next week looks a little better.

In true obnoxious form, I'm going to break the vacation posts up.  Mostly to spare you from photo overload.

We left on a jet plane very early Saturday morning.  Our flight took off at 7:30am therefor I got about an hour and a half of sleep on Friday night.  Packing, cleaning and general excitement really ganged up on good old fashioned rest in the situation.  The trip went perfectly.  Could not have asked for a better flight.  The airport was incredibly helpful and we ended up being in a row all to ourselves.  Henry took a bottle on the way up and slept almost the entire flight.  When he finally woke up we were starting to descend and he played with his little football and it wasn't until we really got close to landing did he cling very tightly to be and laid his head on my chest.  I'm not a particularly good flyer, motion sickness overcomes me.  This time though I was most concerned with the safety and comfort of Henry.  When he grabbed my arm and held himself close to me I practically balled my eyes out.  Henry knows I am there to protect him and it feels really really good.

My brother in law, Jay, picked us up from the airport and he showed us a few places around town.  We headed back to his condo.  We walked in and could not believe how much Jay and his fiance, Amanda had done for us.  The room they had set up for the three of us, the basket in the bathroom filled with toiletries, it was all so sweet.  The two of them made our trip unbelievable.  I was so nervous to travel with Henry, but they made it so easy.  We unloaded our luggage and headed down a few condos to DJ's, Aunt Sandy and Uncle Bill's condo.  They were a huge part of making this vacation awesome.  Aunt Sandy gathered a ton of baby stuff together for us and let us borrow all kinds of beach stuff.  It was so great to be able to visit with family.

We took it easy on day one.  We were all exhausted in preparation.  We headed to the grocery store to stock up for the week.  Once we got back we got in our bathing suits and took Henry for his first dip in the pool.  He loved it.  Henry and I got out of the pool and while I wrapped him up in his towel his eyes started to close and within seconds he was sleeping.  Adorable to say the least.

Day two was a trip to the beach.  Henry woke up at about 7:45am.  We sat on the lanai with coffee and a bottle then took a walk around the pond in the middle of the condo complex.  It was gorgeous.  Peaceful.  Once DJ woke up I told him I was destined to live in warm weather.  Destined.
We headed to the beach somewhat late and it was super busy by the time we got there.  We probably should have considered bringing a pack mule with us with all the stuff we brought.  In true six month old baby form, once we actually set up and walked down to the ocean, Henry lost his marbles.  He cried and cried.  He was not impressed with the big bad ocean.  It was a scorcher so DJ held Henry underneath the umbrella we brought and Henry took a half ass nap.  I layed in the suns rays while Jay and Amanda got drinks and did some serious people watching.  Always good people watching on the beach.  After a nap, Henry woke up, still just as unhappy as before the nap.  We decided it was probably time to go.  Right about that time the wind blew our umbrella inside out (just as it had about 4 umbrellas around us) and so it was a mad scramble to fix it.  We packed up and walked back to the car.  We were all covered in sand, hot, a little cranky and Henry was d.o.n.e. done.  We drove back to the condo and ordered take out.  Take out was just what the doctor ordered.  Especially once we saw the serious sunburn DJ got.  Everyone is always worried about my "fair skin" because I'm a red head.  Well my husband that sat underneath the umbrella the whole time, besides the walk to and from the car was the only one with burgundy burnt skin.  I was tanned from laying in the sun.  He was practically purple.
Day three was back to the pool.  In the morning, Henry and I stuck with our routine.  Coffee and a bottle on the lanai followed by a few laps around the pond.  This morning, daddy joined us.  Perfection.  After a little play time and a nap we went down to the pool. 
 most favorite picture ever
Henry is a big hit with friends, family and strangers alike.  No one has a bad thing to say about that kid.  He floated around in his pool float from Nana and his Tigers hat.  All the beach toys Amanda bought him the day before for the beach were way cooler to Henry now that they were in the pool.  After the pool we decided to go out and get sushi for dinner.  It was the BEST sushi I have ever had.  Henry was super excited about throwing his keys on the floor for the entire dinner but I inhaled that sushi every chance I got.  We spent an astronomical amount on said sushi, but it was entirely worth it.  After sushi we got some ice cream to make sure that there was not even a centimeter of space available in our tummies.  Another great day in Florida for the Bloomingburgs.
Vacation to be continued tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

The pictures are so cute!! sleeping Henry with his trusted Elephant is priceless, and the before and after pool pictures are just tooooooo cute!! xoxoxo mama

LeeAnn Hilker said...

Oh my gosh. Henry is so cute. It looks like you guys had an awesome vacation. You are so fit girl!! You look great!! I want a beachy vacation now!

Kristin Key said...

i love the one where he looks like he is winking! what a little stud.

Anonymous said...

that baby is too cute for words!
Stop by some time

danielle said...

Awe! poor DJ, always rock Lobster :)
And Henry's little toes in those flips!! love, just love!

Marianne said...

ALERT: Hot Mom!!

jamiedawn said...

how is it fair that your post baby body is more perfect than my body has ever been>!?! hubba hubba hottie mama!