Monday, April 8, 2013

6 months

My goodness he's getting so big so fast.  Time is flying by.  I sound like my mother.

Here is your 6 month update:
16lbs 15oz - 50th percentile and 27.5inches - 75th percentile

Cause and effect is the worst best game.  Nothing is funnier than playing with a toy for two seconds and then throwing it on the ground to watch mommy bend down to pick it up.  Repeat these two steps 21654854321546854231 times.

No.Teeth.Still.  Still teething, drooling and putting everything including your shoulder in his mouth, but no actual tooth to speak of.  Really glad the doctor said at his 4 month appointment that he would have a tooth poke through "any day now".  I guess I misunderstood any day now.

Henry likes the bouncers more than ever.  He gets really wild in them.  Especially if he is bare foot and can get a really good foundation to push off of.

Face smooshing and skin pinching.  He likes to grab at things these days and neck skin is no exception.

Standing with assistance.  We hold his hands and he gets the baby butt wobble. 

While he lays on his tummy he pulls his little knees up and bends them, but still has his face planted on the ground.  He really wants to crawl.  It's hard though guys.
I refuse to try to carry his tubby buns in the car seat anymore.  Stroller or baby wearing is the only way to go.  The weight combination of the car seat and his 6 month self is enough to take me down.

Henry is still a very good sleeper.  He is getting to the point where he feels like he may miss something though if he takes a nap or goes down for the night, so he fights the actual process pretty hard. 

Separation anxiety has begun to a degree.  Not horrible by any means, but he is very aware if DJ and I leave a room and depending on which one of us left the room, he will get a little whiney until whom ever left the room comes back.  It's not all the time, here and there though.

Fascination with babies and dogs.  There was a little boy at the baby shower and  he came up to Henry and kissed him right on the nose.  Talk about cute.  After that Henry couldn't stop watching him.  And last weekend after Easter, we stopped by to visit close family friends and Henry giggled and smiled at the little girl Sophia when she was talking to him.  Also he laughs so hard when Bella and Bowie are rough housing.  Baby laughs are so contagious. 
Each month sure seems to get better and better. 


danielle said...

6 moths-- already?!?!? he's a little stud!

LeeAnn Hilker said...

Being a Mom is so great! And your right time does fly by! You are a great writer!