Monday, April 8, 2013

weekend inventory

Happy Monday!  How was your weekend?  Ours was packed and went by far too quickly. 

Saturday we got dolled up and headed an hour east to see my friend Megan get married.  She looked so beautiful.  Long ago were the days that my most dear life long friend, Rachel and I would pass along to her little sister, Megan, the amputee Barbies that the dog had got a hold of, or the ones that we attempted a beauty school hair trim on, or the dog biscuit sandwiches.  Now the three of us are married, Megan has a beautiful daughter, Ryan, Rachel has a baby girl, Emma, on the way and I have my little Henry.  Rachel and Megan are more than friends to me, they are my sisters.  I am so lucky to still have them in my life and over joyed to celebrate all these milestones together still. 
The beautiful bride and groom did the cutest thing.  After all the traditional dances the groom and his mom busted out a really fun dance, cut to the grooms entire immediate family and the bride joining in.  It was so awesome!  I was extra proud of my little Meggie poo for choreographing the whole thing!  A former clutz, leading the pack ;)
Sunday, DJ headed downtown for the Tiger's game while Hank and I went to a baby shower.  I stopped at the mall on the way to the shower to pick up a baseball hat for Henry.  How bummed was I to realize that for the second time in the past two months I have gone to the mall on a Sunday and it wasn't even open yet.  Thankfully the sports store I needed to go opens early and I bought the cutest Detroit Tigers hat for him.  We got to the shower and as I picked up Henry I felt a curiously wet spot on his backside.  Of course he had leaked through his diaper and had to be changed out of his super adorable outfit.  I changed him, he smiled and showed off for the ladies, took a brief nap and then charmed some more.  He met his newest girlfriend and sat quietly and listened as she discussed her recent purchase of a farm in North Carolina.  Henry is looking forward to the day he gets to come visit.
After the shower the two of us went home and I started getting things packed for Florida and doing some laundry.  DJ came home from the game and was super excited to show me the hat he bought for Henry.  A Detroit Tigers hat. Figures.  The worst part is that his was way cooler than the hat I bought.  He one up-ed me.  Great minds think alike though I suppose. 

5 more sleeps until Florida!


Rachel said...

Thank you for making me cry lol :-) love you to the moon and back! We'll always be in each others lives :-D

jamiedawn said...

man, oh man. YOU in GREEN? perfect!!

Anonymous said...

My heart is overflowing with mama pride after this weekend. All of the little girls all grown up and so beautiful, successful, and happy makes this mama(nana) tear up just thinking about it!! I love you all so much, bunches and bunches xoxo

Kristin Key said...

your wedding style is too cute!