Monday, March 25, 2013

weekend inventory

This is the official return of making you all fully aware of our weekend shenanigans.  We actually had a really fun weekend so it seems worthy of an actual post this week.

Friday night DJ and I watched an awesome movie after Henry went to sleep.  Zero Dark Thirty.  So.Good.  I could have watched it all over again immediately following the first time.  It's the movie about how they caught Osama Bin Laden.  DJ and I couldn't stop talking about it.  He got up at 4am to go to the bathroom and when he got back into bed, we started talking about it all over again.  It's a must see.

Saturday, I let DJ sleep in and took Henry to our cousin's bridal shower.  He was so well behaved and such a trooper while all the ladies ooo-ed and ahhh-ed at him that we felt like a trip to the park was in order.  Henry and I picked up DJ and headed straight to the park.  This was Henry's first trip to the park.  He loved it!  He belly laughed the whole time he was swinging.  Talk about the cutest thing ever.  We ran around and made fools of ourselves.  I seriously can't wait to kick this nasty weather to the curb and take our babe to the park all the time this spring/summer.  I'll do anything he wants to hear that kid laugh.

Sunday we drove an hour to go to a tummy-toddler expo, that did not live up to the amount of hype they put behind it.  However we did get Henry fingerprinted and his picture taken with the Easter Bunny so I will go ahead and pretend it was not a wasted day.  I also got a super awesome new wrap for baby wearing my sweet boy. 
All together it was a really good weekend.


Anonymous said...

Henry the Miracle Baby conquers the park!! xoxoxomama

Kristin Key said...

look at that happy boy! that coat is too cute!

k8te said...

ooh i really want to see zero dark thirty! we'll have to give it a try. these pics are so cute, looks like a fun day!

jamiedawn said...

i am dying at that photo with your ass through the tire!!! and your hair looks perfect as always, and baby is precious as always. other than the tire butt, this is just your standard perfect photo shoot. love !!