Wednesday, March 27, 2013

life as of late

Sometimes I feel like our life is a whole mess or organized chaos.  Just a string of work, baby play, dinners, work outs, to-do lists, errands and house cleaning.  The past few weeks have been a lot of the usual and the weekends have been mostly weekending duties mixed with a minimum amount of actual fun.  It's officially spring but unofficially winter is lingering and it's basically sucking the life right out of me.  Good lawd, warmer days MUST be around the corner. 

Here are a boat load of pictures of our life (ok mostly Henry) as of late...
I made fried chicken and I didn't even burn the house down ya'll.
Dang my kid is cute.  How could I possibly have any cares in the world when I get to love on this guy everyday?


Anonymous said...

Henry gets cuter every time I see his smile :)xoxomama

Kristin Key said...

i honestly can't even get excited for 50 degree days at this point. i need some warmth and sun and i need it now!

that mommy's lucky charm shirt is basically the cutest thing everrr.

danielle said...

milk drunk is my fav! and those lil dimples, stop it!