Tuesday, March 12, 2013

5 months - bam!

Hank turned 5 months old on Saturday! Don't you feel like I just talked about Hank turning 4 months old?
Hank is this close to sitting up on his own.  I am dying for this milestone.  Right now though he just throws his little self right back if we don't hold on.  Not the safest of tricks, Mr. Hank.

He turns and looks when you say his name.  He really has quite the personality these days.  He has gained so much awareness.  He hears mine and his daddy's voices and turns to find us.  Even if we are in another room, he tries to find out where we are.

Nap times are getting shorter and sometimes the morning nap is non-existent.

Hank is way more interested in baby food than his bottle these days.  The boy does not miss meals, let me tell ya.  Peaches and squash (not mixed) are a fan favorite at this time.

We have been working on baby sign language and Henry now knows what the signs for "milk" and "sleep" are.  I'm really loving the idea of being able to communicate with him and for him to eventually be able to communicate back  his needs even before he can speak. 

Tummy time is no longer a time of cries and whines (I should rephrase, it's mostly not a time for cries and whines).  Now that Hank can roll himself over and push his chest off the ground he doesn't hate it as much.

Size 3 diapers and size 9 months (sometimes even 12 months) clothing. Geez.

Hank has a fascination with being able to hold things now.  Mostly his pacifier.  He has NOT even close mastered getting it back in his mouth accurately but he sure feels like a big boy pulling that thing out and then trying to get it back in.

I could probably go on and on, but those are some of the highlights.  We still are really enjoying the belly laughs and snuggles.  Those two things get better and better.  It's basically the best thing DJ and I have done in our entire lives.  Hank is our pride and joy times a million. 


AndeWood said...

Wow, time has flow by so quickly and Hank is growing like a weed! He looks like such a handsome little man full of love and laughs. So happy for you both!

jamiedawn said...

12 months clothes?!?! sooo we have a football player on our hands, eh?

k8te said...

5 months! time sure flies! that's so neat that you're teaching him sign language!

Kristin Key said...

still cannot even handle that hat. he is the cutest!