Monday, February 4, 2013

weekend inventory & a little video

This weekend was particularly boring.  Husband worked and played hockey the entire weekend which left Hank and I home alone.  An entire weekend alone with my little Henry bear means that my house has never been cleaner and we have enough pictures of ourselves to last an entire week of blogging.
I drank particularly large amounts of coffee and Henry devoured homemade baby applesauce.  That's right I said homemade.

That right there is a pile of Mr. Henry's clothes that he is too big for.  I may or may not have shed tears realizing that my son has grown so much.  There were clothes that he got at Christmas that I had packed away because I thought it would be soooo long before he would be wearing them.  Um no.  That little boy blew my mind this weekend.  He is so smart and aware.  It's incredible to see.  He rolls tummy to back, back to tummy with the greatest of ease.  As if he's been doing it forever, no big deal mom.   
Cute hate alert.  My friend Angie got this made for my boo boo and I want him to wear it morning, noon and night.  Once Henry passed out after our long day or organizing on Saturday I got real snuggly with my other son, the one with more hair, poured the biggest glass of red wine possible and watched a million documentaries about how awful fast food and processed food is.  I haven't eaten fast food in two months and DJ hadn't up until last week.  He ate taco hell bell and was sick for days.  It was a good reminder about how gross that crap is.  I don't even miss it.

Bella's favorite position.  Patiently waiting for a drop of food, even baby food to land in her vicinity. 

Puppy Bowl Sunday I planned on doing lots of girly things for myself.  Hank however decided he would rather take 2 ten minute naps instead of his regular 2 three hour naps.  He wanted to hang with his cool mama apparently.  He woke up mid-face mask and was super confused to see mom's blue face.
My nail painting party for one, was put on hold until Hank went to sleep and that was okay.  DJ came home later and I caught him up to speed on who won the puppy bowl and then showed him the results of the other game going on before and after the Beyonce concert. 

Can we talk about my revived love for Mrs. Jay Z?  Could she be any hotter?  I super love her music.  My next workout playlist that is currently in the making is aptly titled "Beyonce All Day All The Time".


Anonymous said...

Soooo much cuteness!!! xoxo mama

Gaby said...

looks like an awesomely productive weekend :)

Kristin Key said...

do you have any tips for making nail polish last longer than one day?? i have noo luck.