Tuesday, February 5, 2013

this day last year

Last year, February 5th was Superbowl Sunday...oh and also the day I found out I was pregnant. 

Today February 5th, 2013 is a Tuesday.  Hank is 17 weeks old and only 4 days away from being the big 4 months old.  Such a big boy, he is. 

My little stud muffin is doing so many new things.  I am amazed at how quickly he learns.  So let me just tell you some of his newly acquired smarts & such:

His laugh.  I can't possibly explain to you how much his laugh makes my heart swell with love.

He rolls and rolls.  It's funny how one day he struggled through the roll and the next it was like he'd always been doing it all his life.

Hank is finally starting to grab at things other than what's hanging in front of his face on his little exercise mat.  He grabs at my hair and toys in the bath tub or when he's sitting in his bumbo.

We officially beat cradle cap.  It was remarkably easy too and I wish the pediatrician had shared the solution months ago.  I swear within 3 baths, cradle cap was eliminated.  (Message me all you mommies, fighting the good fight with cradle cap, if you need the solution.)

Hank wants to "stand", sit up or be held high in the sky, super baby style.  He is not as content to just lay or recline anymore.

He's so vocal.  He likes to hear himself and try to mimic whatever noises you are making.  His favorite is "Ooooohhh."  It's like he knows that he's got that one perfected so he wants to really show it off.

Bath time is getting exciting.  No longer are the days of just hanging in the tub.  No sir, Henry wants to splish splash and be squirted with his bath toys.

The drool is on another level.  It's a slow leak but a steady one and if you pick my little lover boy up and hold him to your shoulder you better be prepared to be left with a soaking wet.  There is no hesitation.  Lift, hold, mouth opens wide and settles on the nearest shoulder immediately upon placement.

I've started to feel him cuddle, almost hug me sometimes and not just because he can't control that wobbly  neck of his.  No, this is an actual nestle.  He lays his sweet & soft baby cheeks on me and I'm at a loss for words to describe how perfect it feels. 

He's my whole world.  Henry is the love of my life and he has made the past 17 weeks the happiest 17 weeks of my entire life.


k8te said...

this is so sweet. he's getting so big! i love how the dogs look like they're watching over him! :)

Anonymous said...

And look at those beautiful eyelashes!! He can sure melt my heart at a glance..xoxo mama