Thursday, January 31, 2013


Wow could this week have gone by faster???  Happy 1st day of February to you! We are that much closer to spring.  Let's also not forget that it's Friday and I have the whole weekend off.  YESSSS!
Watching:  Lost.  I'm not late to the party.  I watched Lost the first time around, but I just had this desire to start over.  DJ and I didn't watch Lost from the beginning but one weekend when we were still dating we started from the very first episode.  We didn't even leave his bedroom.  We just watched episode after episode.  Sometimes that's the only way I like to watch suspenseful shows like that.  Whole seasons at a time.  I do that currently with shows like Sons of Anarchy, True Blood and Homeland.  I'm too impatient at all times sometimes to wait a whole week between episodes.  It's far better for my heart to watch them straight through.

Listening to:  Florence and the Machine and Lana Del Rey.  It's crazy but I swear I sound just like them in my car.  Our harmonizing is soooo on point. 

Planning:  Vacations.  I have 6 weeks of vacation this year.  Yesss!  Although it seems like chump change compared to my 6 weeks last year plus my four months of maternity leave.  Did I even work last year?  Austin, Florida, Tennessee, see you soon.

Thinking about:  I've been thinking quite a bit about the type of woman I am, the type of man my husband is and the types of role models we will be to our son and future children.  It's still January so I am still sorting out details and blue prints if you will in regards to my resolutions.  It takes time to build the foundation when you want to successfully change or reach goals.  We are evolving and eliminating as much negative as possible to make room for more positive.  I regularly think about small changes we can make as a husband and a wife, a daddy and a mommy.

Looking forward to:  Warmer weather.  Be it leaving this fridged state or the seasons changing, I need to feel the warmth of sunshine soon.  My seasonal depression is starting to show through my pale skin like a goose bump. 

Also I'm looking forward to my hair not falling out anymore.  It seems to be increasing the amount in which I am losing daily, but I have my fingers crossed it will subside soon.  My mommy friends told me it would happen, but I was all, "I don't know, my hair is still so thick and lucious." followed by a hair flip.  Cut to the past two weeks as I yell nightly from the shower, "DJ!! I think I'm dying! Losing this amount of hair can't be normal." accompanied by a clogged drain and a pile of my hair big enough to provide a Raggedy Ann doll with a full head of red locks.

Reading:  Board books.  Hank's library is increasing and he loves a good story.

Making me happy:  Weighing less than I did before I got pregnant, asparagus, black cherry berry tea, my Henry bear sleeping through the night again, the new season of Project Runway (the real deal too, not that dumb all stars version that Heidi Klum doesn't even host), Apple replacing my iPhone within 10 minutes at the Apple store (hollar for a phone with sound), our tax return this year ( double hollar for that bad boy), February finally arriving and being filled with love, installing our new thermostat all on my own while DJ was working making me feel like a super woman, my mom being the most awesome mom ever and my little Bowie bear letting down his walls to get super snuggly with Hank lately.
Have a good weekend friends!


Kristin Key said...

watching shows straight through is one of my favorite things to do, ha. unfortunately, once i get caught up, i'm too impatient to wait for the dvd to come out. i really want to start watching homeland, though!

alsoo, that first picture is too dang cute. and um, holyheck, congrats at losing your pregnancy weight (and more!). you go girll.

Anonymous said...

Awwwww... thank you for being such an amazing daughter!! I still learn something new each time we talk, and you are so inspiring with kind, encouraging words, laughter, and of course the most amazing little bundle of love!!! Henry is my sunshine on these cold gray days!!! I love you bunches and bunches hunny!! xoxoxo