Tuesday, January 29, 2013

weekend inventory

Let's start with the best news!  I actually found out on Thursday, BUT Henry is ear infection free!!  I took him back to see his pediatrician because he still seemed fussy, but she said that his ears are clear and besides a little congestion in his sneezer, he's a healthy horse.  A solid 14lbs 10oz of adorable.  He does however have a little toof that will pop any day!  She also explained some science about our bodies at night which would account for his restlessness between 2am and 5am EVERY night, which made perfect sense, because this mommy who has been very spoiled with a good little sleeper has been surviving on a maximum of 4 hours per night the past 2 weeks.  Mama is t-i-r-e-d, tired.  Poke through little tooth, poke through already!  He did however sleep from 9pm-7am last night which was a major, fist pumping, hallelujah type moment this morning. 

Friday the snow fell and my little Hank and I hung out in the evening.  He loves to see himself on the iPhone so I obliged happily and we face-timed my brother in law in Florida.
Saturday I worked for a few hours, and then we went thrifting.  I found a few pairs of denim shorts I'm planning on getting creative with, DJ got a few flannels and Henry, well he scored big time.  We found him, eight Baby Einstein DVDs! These things are $14-$24 brand new and he loves them.  We got them for $2 each!! On top of that we bought him a ton of adorable clothes of course.  Baby western shirts are the bees knees.  Once we got home though, I needed sleep.  Okay I still didn't get much sleep, but I absolutely needed to veg.  Lay like a vegetable.  In my pajamas and watch bad tv and Lifetime movies.  You would think that I would have gone to sleep early considering my sleep deprivation, but instead I stayed up late.  I'm pretty sure alone time is just as important as sleep sometimes.  A little decompression time if you will.

Sunday we went grocery shopping and then went sledding.  We bundled up and drove down to a little hill nearest to our house.  It was so fun! How did I forget how fun it is to go sledding?  I kept saying, "Oh my god, I was going so fast!"  I know Henry won't remember this stuff, but DJ and I will never forget how fun it was to take our baby sledding for the first time.


Anonymous said...

Priceless, time slips by soooo fast, always make time for yourself and your family. Everything else should wait!! xoxo mama ( P.S. it's in the mother's handbook, page 11, HIGHLIGHTED!!

Kristin Key said...

ah, baby westerns? that sounds perfect with his little denim jacket! :) glad he is feeling better!