Sunday, February 17, 2013

happy birthday husband

Thirty two years ago today my immortal beloved was born and for that I am forever grateful.  David James you are the love of my life, the greatest husband any girl could possibly dream of and the best daddy to our perfect son.  I am still falling further in love with you everyday.  You make me laugh, take care of me, put up with me, you still shower me with love and attention every single day, you can read my mind and to this day you give me butterflies with every kiss.  I never could have imagined this life you have given me, but it's exactly everything I have ever wanted.  I love you David James.  Happy 32nd Birthday you old man ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to my amazing son-in-law!! You are all a mama could want for her daughter, strong, loving, kind, full of laughter, and a perfect Dad for the handsome son you two have been blessed with. I love you Dj..xoxo mama

Kristin Key said...

such a cute post. happy birthday dj!