Wednesday, February 20, 2013

post aquarius birthday joy

February brings lots of love all month.  Between Valentines day and so many of my favorite people having birthdays through out the month it's a short month with an abundance of reason to celebrate.  Monday was my sexy hubby's birthday and Friday was my Aunt Sandy and bestie Meg's birthday.  We celebrated DJ's birthday quietly at home.  One of DJs best friends, Darin, came over to visit and afterwards Henry actually fell asleep before the festivities began so he missed singing "Happy Birthday" and seeing the candles blown out, but I'm sure he dreamed sweet dreams about it.  DJ wanted food from our favorite chinese restaurant, Chopstick House and I surprised him with a special birthday pie, clothes, tickets to The xx and tickets to Of Monsters and Men (those were kinda my half birthday present too) and a stupid amount of new hockey stuff.  The man has nicer hockey equipment, that he uses to play in a beer league, pond hockey and drop-in, than some professionals I swear.  I can't complain too much though.  He's never told me that I couldn't buy a new pair of shoes so I keep my lips sealed.

I mean.  Could my husband be any more awesome?  The answer is no.

Saturday was a bit more raucous for my BFFs birthday.  I recall shots being involved.  Her and her boyfriend had a shared par-tay. 

After fighting with myself to not eat any cupcakes, I caved and ended the night at the greasiest of burger joints in the area with DJ.  It was all so worth it though.  It was so cold out and my choice of short shorts made the walk from party to food to car a treacherous one.  My insides were screaming to be warmed up with bad food.
All in all a very good month so far.  Much better than that stupid cold January.  Although I did run a few miles this morning in the bitter cold at 6am (12 degrees...burr) and thought I was going to puke.  I considered for a moment that I was just out of shape, but then I felt like the weather being ridiculous felt like a more logical excuse.  28 days until spring sprangs suckas.


Kristin Key said...

that outfit is so flippin' cute. kudos to you for running outside, jeesus! i am too much of a baby. i cannnnot wait until summer!

jamiedawn said...

you and your skinny little perfect legs. i'm wearing a maxi dress when we unite in real life!!