Sunday, February 10, 2013

weekend inventory

Snow.  Ew.  It's really ruined nearly everything I've planned in the last two weeks.  It's almost like mother nature knows I have fun things to do and she abrasively mocks me while letting her snow flakes fly.  Whata' real biotch.  Agreed?  Thought so.

Needless to say I spent another weekend doing not a whole lot.  I signed up for some 5k runs coming up soon (Color Run and Corktown St. Patty's run anyone?), went to see a movie, cleaned the house, laundry, made lots of good foods and Sunday we went to a winter farmers market.

 Not a whole lot of produce at the market, but they had lots of good jerky, tea, jam and granola.  The bread though.  Oh my, the bread was where it was at.  Zingermans was there with their pretzel bread and it was such a good salty treat for a Sunday cheat day.

It's Valentines week loves!  I coincidentally have Thursday off and I am so excited to see what DJ bought me has planned ;)


Marianne said...

Hey, nice reusable bag, hot momma. Mauh. Happy love week, my love.

jamiedawn said...

ok, i need the location of where to buy that fantastically huge frumpy beanie. also, i want to actually be inside of these photos..