Wednesday, January 23, 2013

things i have learned in the past week

I have had a wealth of knowledge dropped on me in the past week or so.  Let's review...
completely unrelated photo, but dang my kid is cute
1.  I do not need to buy every single brand of pale pink nail polish.  None of them will go on opaque and it will require 13 coats, give or take, to lose that streaky look.

2.  I way over estimate people's level of maturity.  Apparently a middle school mean girl mentality is far, far more prevalent in grown women than I was aware of.

3.  Buying Folger's brand k-cups to save $6 is a mistake.  Starbucks k-cups are double the price with good reason.  They actually taste good.  Bad pizza or bad sex is still pizza and sex, but bad coffee is just bad coffee.

4.  No matter how dirty your truck is, you should never attempt to wash it in freezing cold temperatures.  Ne-ver.  Even if the tree you parked under at work was armed with poopy birds that must have just eaten dozens of berries.  That is, unless you enjoy your doors frozen shut. 

5.  Drop Box is da and I am forever grateful to my friend Kristin for introducing it to me!  And if ya don't know, now ya know, ya know.

6.  It's just good sense to forbid your husband to hit the "thumbs up" button on your Pandora stations, unless you also enjoy shitty instrumental rock songs.  And trust me when I say, that one click of the "thumbs up" makes instant changes that take multiple "thumbs down" clicks to reverse.  And no one wants to be stuck in the shower, soaking wet, unable to reach the iPad, listening to whatever you don't want to be listening to.

7.  If you want something at Target, just buy it the first time.  Whether you did it in one visit or three visits in two days, you're still spending the same $300.  Your credit card will be impressed either way.  (Although I technically earned more reward points the way I did it, 10 bonus points per purchase peeps)

8.  Lemon balm works like Valium.  Not kidding.

9.  PMS still sucks.  I haven't had to deal with it for over a year and I was quickly reminded that things haven't changed in the past year.  It's no fun, I become a couch potato and require ample amounts of chocolate and that's all there is to it, period.  Har har!

10.  Saving my grocery list, blog notes, general things to remember in my "Notes" app on my iPhone is a huge risk.  I may or may not delete them by accident on a regular basis.  Or something like that.  Best to stick with old school, hand written pieces of paper strewn carelessly about my purse like a grandma.

11.  People care too much about Beyonce lip-singing the national anthem at the president's inauguration.  It's still her voice whether it was live or recorded.  It's not like I went out there and lip-sang to a recording of Beyonce singing the national anthem.  Let's all make a promise that we'll stop hating on things that don't effect us.  That was officially just added to my resolutions.  Boom.
meet chunk, henry's moosey fwiend!


Anonymous said...

Darn cute kid is right!!! And aren't you a bevy of info today, just learning something new everyday :) xoxoxo mama

Kristine. said...

Ooh, tell me more about lemon balm!

Laura said...

Well it tastes like ass sandwiches BUT you seriously get so relaxed so fast. If you take the whole recommended amount listed on the bottle (which is only 30 drops) it will put you right to sleep. Half just relaxes your whole body! It's so worth it!

Kristin Key said...

i loooove this post. especially 3 & 11. bad coffee just sucks.