Tuesday, January 22, 2013

baby talk

A few weeks ago our friends, Cara, Rob and their baby River, stopped by to hang out.  Their son is just a month older than Henry.  It was so fun to be pregnant at the same time and have someone to talk to that could relate.  Now it's even more fun to have two little boys so close in age.  We all sat around and drank bottles.  Us ladies shared a bottle of wine, the men, bottles of beer and those sweet babes had bottles of milk.  Bottles all over the place. 

I was amazed at the difference a month can make in baby time.  Baby River was doing lots of rolling, toe grabbing and his head was so steady.  Barely a milk drunk head bobble to be seen.  And despite what the pictures may lead you to believe, he's a bit bigger than Mr. Henry.  Henry was clearly stretching his little limbs as long and tall as he could to match his baby friend. 

In the past few weeks though since we had our little play date, I've started to see Henry start to improve in all the same areas.  It's incredible to see him go from not being able to touch his toes to the bottom of the jumper one week and then the next he's practically flat footed on there!  He must have been taking notes from his older and wiser friend ;)
bella loves babies


k8te said...

this is so cute, best friends in the making! my bff and i always say we have a pregnancy pact, so we must get pregnant at the same time since we'll need someone to complain to :) and what is that cool seat thing henry is on? i'm intrigued!

cupkake said...

cuteness overload!! i loooove the top picture!

Holly said...

love baby time!! its so cute when they check each other out.