Monday, January 21, 2013

weekend inventory

This weekend was the Plymouth Ice Festival.  We've been planning a little triple date action with our friends for a few weeks now.  Nana came over to watch Henry while we went out to eat at The Sardine Room, a newish restaurant in downtown Plymouth and then walked around looking at all of the ice sculptures.  Well we tried to.  The weather was apparently too warm for shaved blocks of ice and by the time we got out of dinner there was not much left.  Obviously afterwards an alcohol drink was in order to warm the insides back up.  We even stayed out semi-late for our parental bones.  It seemed like a fine idea since I had Sunday and Monday to recover on sleep.  However as you can see in some of these pictures the later part of the night was a slight blur which made for a rough early start on Sunday and a very very lazy day.  The kind of day where you wake up and take your pajamas off only to shower and then put another pair of pajamas right back on.

Henry has still been feeling yucky.  Even though to the naked, non-mom or dad eye he hasn't really seemed sick at all the entire time.  He saves his crankiness for us two.  If you can't be your crankiest around the people you love the most, who can you be cranky around?
Sunday I did manage to make chicken stuffed peppers for the second Sunday in a row.  They are so good.  I'm working on introducing healthier meals to DJ.  Slowly but surely over the past few years I've done my best to get DJ acquainted with healthier food options.  I won't even tell you how against skim milk he was five years ago and how now he thinks whole milk tastes like sludge.  He protests EVERY single new dish I make, but ALWAYS ends up loving it so much that he requests it again within the next week.  Usually accompanying the request for a repeat he wants to add, replace or subtract something though.  It cracks me up, but as long as it stays healthy I am open to the suggestions.  I also made peanut butter cookies with the little Hershey's kisses in the middle for a sweet snack.  Working on that "perfect" homemaker title over hurrr.

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


Anonymous said...

This Nana can't wait till the day she gets to watch babies for all three of these beauties while the parents are away!! xoxo

jamiedawn said...

honestly, could you and your friends be any prettier?? i love that picture of you and your man!!!

Ali W. said...

I love those days of showering and then putting pajamas right back on! haha. Those are the BEST DAYS :)

cupkake said...

hank is seriously the cutest !! i hope he feels better soon!