Wednesday, December 5, 2012

henry and the dogs

One of the first questions I am asked lately is, "How are the dogs with Hank?".
As you can see Bella is clearly in love.  Hank is basically her baby.  She gets up with us for feedings, lays directly next to his bassinet at night, licks his hands, head or feet whenever she gets a chance, lays in the nursery when I'm changing him and lays her bones/balls on his play mat for him to play with apparently whenever I'm not looking.  It's ever so sweet.  She does however get a little too lovey dovey per usual Bella style.  If you give Bella an inch she will take a mile.  Pet her and the next thing you know she'll be in your lap licking your face, mouth, ears, eyes, whatever she can get her tongue on before you push her away.  Hank is no exception.  He gets slightly annoyed.  See photo above.
Bowie, for the most part, doesn't really care either way about Hank.  With the exception of a few brief moments here and there he pays him no attention.  As long as Bowie is getting some belly rubs through out the day he is satisfied and that's just fine by me too. 

Both the dogs had a rough time at first though.  Bella spent the entire first night that Hank was home letting on this bizarre moan that I had never heard her make, every time Hank cried.  She paced back and forth around our bed, super frantic.  Bowie acted like we were abusing him.  He coward and hid like he was scared.  It was stressful for a few days.  That's all it took though, just a few days and then it was all good in the hood.  All the babes are happy these days and that makes for a happy mommy.

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k8te said...

aww hank's expression in that first pic is priceless. i'm glad to hear it only took a few days! i worry that when we have kids our pup will be a huge pain, not bc he's mean but just bc he's so big!