Wednesday, December 5, 2012


 Ready for a new obsession?  Wanelo is my new favorite addiction.  It's a site/app that you can sort through unique products into personal collections or "wishlists".  You find a product that you like and when you click on the picture it gives you two options, "Buy It" or "Save It".  Save it to a collection to purchase later or click "Buy It" and be directed to the shop or store and you can purchase it right then.  I am currently building my collections and after the holidays when I no longer feel guilty if I buy stuff for myself I am going to get down on my collections.  First on the list is going to be a new iPhone case because I have "saved" about a zillion.

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Also yesterday Hank turned two months old.  TWO MONTHS?! How did that happen?  Where is the time going?  That stud is killing me slowly with his cuteness. 


Anonymous said...

I love it too!!
- Pam*

Kristin said...

thank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu. i kept wanting to do a post about wanelo but never did because i am lazy but i need more people to follow!! haha i am obsessed!

Laura said...

And I need more people to follow and to follow me than the two of you lol! I seriously love it though!