Friday, November 2, 2012

smells like love

I can't even believe it's November already!  Time is moving so quickly.  We have just been so wrapped up in our love over here it's been so hard to keep up with...well...with anything really.

When Henry was first born I felt consumed with love.  The nurse set his tiny body on my chest and I thought I couldn't love him anymore.  I felt like I couldn't love my husband anymore.  Here we were on our two year anniversary celebrating our life together by bringing new life to our family.  Today I can say that my love has hit new highs.  I know that sweet boy.  I know his needs and wants and he relies on me.  It feels incredible.

So, all I can say is that it looks, feels and smells like love over here.  What does love smell like you ask?  Love over here smells like new baby, Johnsons bedtime bath, breast milk,  Dreft, Pampers, baby wipes, baby poop (which ironically smelled like breakfast sausage for the first week, ha!) cocoa butter, take out, homemade dinners made by grandmas and friends, lanolin, cold fall breezes, merlot, Halloween candy and Dial hand soap.  It smells amazing over here.

Enjoy your weekend and come back next week to read Henry's birth story!!

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jamiedawn said...

oh my god he is soo gorgeous!!!