Monday, November 5, 2012

weekend inventory

Last week DJ worked late almost everyday and then worked on Saturday too.  It was such a bummer for Hank and I.  We can't wait until he is home with us everyday in just a few short weeks.  Hank lights up when he hears his daddy's voice in the evening and tries so hard to stay awake at night when DJ feeds him with a bottle before bedtime.  So on the weekends we soak up as much daddy time as possible. 

Bowie didn't want to miss out on daddy time either...

Hope your weekend was nice and relaxing.  Hank slept like an angel last night so now I'm off to take my happy boy to Buy Buy Baby and Target! 


Anonymous said...

The love in these pictures makes me shed such happy tears, love all of you bunches and bunches mama xoxo

Holly said...

ive heard buy buy baby has a great mother's nursing lounge!