Friday, September 21, 2012

sleep, where art thou?

my attempt to set a relaxing atmosphere to help myself fall asleep
When they say that your body prepares you to care for a newborn, they are not kidding.  I sleep in very short cycles.  Between my nesting insanity, (although EVERYTHING is finished on my list of ridiculousness and I'm not quite sure what is left to clean) my racing mind and my extreme discomfort, I really can't sleep for longer than 4 hours at a time in the middle of the night.  Mind you this is not straight through.  I am still waking up to go to the bathroom, change positions, run the dishwasher...again.  Through out the day I am lucky to get one or two, 45 minute naps.  I'm just really tired.  I know it's not going to get better once Baby Hank gets here and everyone keeps telling me to sleep now, but it's damn near impossible.  It's a real mind fuck. (excuse my language, I'm crabby due to lack of sleep, remember?)

Anyway, DJ has the day off today and has been killing his to-do list.  It's almost like he knows that if the to-do's turn into to-did-nots I may have a nervous breakdown.

All jokes aside I'm so beyond ready for this baby to get here that I've tried almost every single possible at-home labor inducing trick that I could Google, twice and still no baby.  I'm 38 weeks and if one more person even suggests that I could technically go another 4 weeks if he comes late I might cry.  Its not even an option in my opinion.  How hard is it to perform a c-section in the bathtub?  Tonight we're going to see The Hounds Below and The Heavy at The Magic Stick downtown tonight and I'm crossing my fingers the loud music puts me into labor.  I mean it would be very inconvenient to be in labor at a show, so it seems like the perfect time for Baby Hank to decide to come!  Pray for me and enjoy your weekend with lots of sleep.


Holly said...

i hear ya, mama. changing positions all night long SUCKS! laying on my back feels heavenly but i know thats a no-no at this stage.

i hope for both our sake's we go into labor this weekend!!!!

Laura said...

Yes! Omg sleeping on my back is the best but it instantly makes me feel guilty! I'm crossing my fingers for both of us! Come on babies!!

Gi said...

Hey Hun,
So I found your blog through Jamies and its totally adorable!
I hope that things are going well and your are hopefully in labor/ had your little pea.