Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend inventory

This weekend started the fall season.  DJ brought down our Halloween and fall decorations from the attic because he was so nervous that I was going to go into labor and then nothing would be put up.  Our house smells like a combination of pumpkin and apple pie thanks to my Febreze wall plug-ins.
these things shed sparkles like it's their job
 Saturday I took a personal day.  I told DJ I needed just one day to do nothing.  Absolutely nothing.  It's been so much stress daily just waiting for Baby Hank to arrive that I wanted more nothing, less cleaning.  It was glorious.  I swear blog about it (unless it's about going into labor) and it shall come.  I slept.  Glorious sleep that has been evading me for so long found me on Friday and Saturday night.  I swore it must be a sign that labor was imminent but clearly I was WRONG. 

Sunday, DJ had a hockey game and his team had another big win.  DJ has yet to score this season which is seriously bizarre.  I swear he's subconsciously nervous and not playing his best.  I went to see the doctor this morning and crossed my fingers that I had majorly progressed.  To my dismay I had not dilated any further.  I am 90% effaced which is something, but majorly disappointing.  Looks like I'll be pregnant forever.

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Holly said...

90% effaced is AWESOME.