Monday, July 23, 2012

weekend inventory

Ok so there was a time when I first began telling people that I was pregnant that people would give me this pitiful look and tell me how sorry they were that I was going to be so pregnant during the warmest months of the year.  I scoffed and explained to them that I am a heat lover.  A sun worshipper, that would have absolutely no problems with the fever of summer. 

Ha!  Today I sit in my air conditioned home, that I arrived at in my air conditioned car, that I drove in away from my air conditioned office.  Pregnancy + heat and humidity = uncomfortable me.

Anyway, Friday was totally lame.  Take out dinner and a little catch up on the DVR.  Saturday hubs and I met my best and her man for the art fair in downtown Ann Arbor.  DJ and I bought a bunch of stuff we didn't need and then we all sat down to escape the heat at Ashley's.  They drank and I ate, per usual.

Sunday we went to a friends baby's baptism.  Miss Lucy Carlton is extra precious and she was "talking" through the whole thing which made Baby Bloom jump all around in my belly.  He must have a crush already just based on her singing voice.  (Or maybe it was the heat, but either way it was extra sweet)


jamiedawn said...

oh my gosh you are the cutest little pregnant thing i have ever seen!! and i love fests like this! i could people watch all day :)

Laura said...

Thanks! Horizontal stripes really make the bump look extra large and in charge! And people watching is the absolute best part of crowded fests!