Friday, July 20, 2012

the anatomy of a birth plan

I keep reading and hearing that I need to come up with some kind of a birth plan.  I have some opinions and I know everyone has theirs as well.  Trust me, I know.  However I just can't decide on a few things.

The main question I get asked is if I plan to use any type of pain intervention.  I know that people that believe in natural births are super serious about it.  It reminds me of how passionate people get about religion and politics.  However I personally don't have a strong opinion either way.  I have read a lot of material so it's not for lack of knowledge.  I just don't want to set myself up for a feeling of failure if I feel that I can't handle the pain.  I would love to say that I am 100% sure that I don't want an epidural or pain medication but if it comes down to it and I decide I need the relief I know that if my "plan" was to go au-natural I will be left feeling shameful that I compromised the plan and I don't want to put that kind of pressure on myself.  On the other hand it would be so awesome and I would feel like a superwoman if I didn't use any kind of pain relief.  At this point I am in the middle.  I know myself though and I know that if my choice is excruciating pain or less pain, the odds will be in favor of less. 

There are a few parts of the "birth plan" that I myself we have decided on.

  1. We have a waist-up agreement.  As in his eyes are going to remain on my top portions.  No eyes (besides the doctor and nurse) mirrors or cameras are to ever find their way below the waist thank you very much.
  2. I will not be leaving the house while in labor before I have taken a shower, blow dried my hair and done my make-up.  He knows this is not a joke.  If I'm going to be in pain I am not going to also look like I should be on the cover of Star magazine under the title "Stars With No Make-up!  What Were They Thinking?"
  3. If I do anything unsightly (like that thing that can happen when women are pushing and straining that should only happen in the confines of a restroom) or scream say anything awful, it shall not be mentioned after the fact.  Ever.
  4. We will be making a playlist of songs with "baby" in the title of chorus.  example: Hit Me Baby One More Time by Britney Spears

Those are the things we have worked out for delivery day.  Truthfully this is one of those lists/plans that I think is specific to each individual woman/couple.  It's a miracle and an incredible thing that happens to a woman giving birth so I think it should be entirely up to her and her partner to know what's right and what's best for their family.  I genuinely appreciate all the advice I get though and I like hearing others experiences.  I think it helps me to make my own decisions.  This is my first time being pregnant and everything is new to me.  Asking other mommys questions eases my worried mind about what's to come.  I don't have a past to base my decisions on just what I learn from my friends and what my gut tells me.  I just don't want to be judged for my own choices because I have no judgements when it comes to everyone else.  As long as Baby Bloom is born healthy I have no concerns with how he arrived.

TFIG by the way!  What are your weekend plans?  We are going to the art fair tomorrow afternoon followed by the new Batman movie at night!  We're super dorks about the Batman movies and we have been watching the old ones all week!  Have a good weekend!


Marianne said...

I totally hear ya on the makeup :) My sister even sent Eugene home to get her lipgloss while she was in labor. ;) Us girls know what's up. To be able to have my baby, I need mascara, no it's true. Lol.

Laura said...

Exactly! Your sister is a wise lady! I just feel better when I look better!

Holly said...

its the unknown, its so hard to "plan" for something we havent felt before! i hear ya on that.

but i think your husband will want to look "waist down" when your baby is emerging!!

Wendy said...

Cracking up on the makeup/ hair thing! And the eyes on the top region. You sound like you have a good grasp on things! :)

jamiedawn said...

ummmm 1. thank you for being my newest follower. 2. you are HILARIOUS. 3. congrats on your little sprout on the way! 4. i'm your newest follower!

Laura said...

Thanks Wendy!

Laura said...

Thanks Jamie for being my newest follower and I think YOU are hilarious :)

k8te said...

this is too funny! i plan to impose all those rules for whenever i have kids. i have already told my husband there is no chance he can look down there during labor. i'm just preparing him early..there will be a lot of rules. :)