Wednesday, July 18, 2012

reduce reuse recycle

My test is complete and since I didn't receive a call saying otherwise, I passed the glucose test!  Yay!  Baby Bloom and I chugged our orange sugar drink and bounced off the walls.  Baby Bloom took to the uterine walls literally and as the doctor attempted to listen to the heart beat he would kick the fetal dopplar away after a few seconds.  He was less than cooperative during his sugar rush.  Overall everything is still perfect though.  It's such a relief to hear that every month.

excuse DJ's horrible camera phone
After that we went to one of my favorite places to go for inspiration around our house, the recycle center in Ann Arbor.  I already have an affinity for shopping at thrift stores, garage sales and estate sales but the recycle center is different.  There are specific areas focused on books, wood, tiles, windows, doors, etc.  It's awesome.

A vintage treasure can absolutely make my day.  That saying that one man's trash is another man's treasure is extra true in our house.  We just take the time to restore or renew them to our style.  Yesterday I was hunting for empty picture frames for the nursery, but we spent quite a while looking through records, wood for a headboard and table project and stones to go around our pond.  Time flys when you're having fun I suppose.  Before I knew it we had been there a very long time and the heat was getting to me.  I almost agreed to a 30ft long church pew! 

school projection screen

we bought this and listen to it's almost the whole movie...I'm in love
 We finished our treasure hunt with tacos at Moe's and spent the rest of the day watching old movies.  Heartburn and Parenthood if you were curious.


Holly said...

congrats on your glucose test!

and that thrift center looks epic, i can always get (happily) lost in places like that. :)

Laura said...

Thanks!! I am so grateful!

Yes, that place is amazing! If you're ever in Michigan you'll have to visit ;)