Monday, July 2, 2012

weekend inventory

This weekend was such a good one.  Friday we got our grocery shopping done and out of the way, which meant that the rest of the weekend was focused on getting my pale skin some sun. 

We have spent more time in my mother-in-laws pool in the past two weeks than we probably have in the last few years.  It just feels so good to swim and soak up the sun.  Saturday we layed out all day and sat around afterwards eating lots of ripe watermelon that my MIL (mother-in-law) just bought.  We let the dogs run around, play and swim with my MIL's dogs, Ginger and Poochie.  By the time we got home everyone needed a nap.  After a much deserved nap we grabbed some cool drinks and lit a fire in the backyard.  Both of our neighbors were out of town so it felt very intimate for our little family just sitting around the fire.  Bella always wants to sit right next to DJ and I, but little Bowie loves to roam free in the backyard, making his own adventures.  (Plus I think he might have been a little frightened by the fire)  My older brother-in-law stopped by later on and it was nice to finally spend a little time with him while he's here visiting for a few weeks.  I even stayed awake until about 1am, which is a miracle for this preggita.

Sunday was more of the same.  Breakfast in bed, a very slow start and then back to my MIL.  We left the dogs at home this time because they were still so tired.  It was another really good day.  After sunning, the men grilled steaks for dinner.  DJ and I left afterwards to get some ice cream and go home to continue our House marathon in bed with each of our still exhausted fur babies.

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Micaela said...

hello gorgeous! love the bathing suit pic :)

a weekend full of family (dogs are included in that) and pool time? sounds like perfection