Tuesday, June 26, 2012

weekend inventory

Do you want to know what's hard?  Registering for a baby shower.  It seemed to slip my mind last week, when I was super excited to register, that my adoring husband is particularly AWFUL in a registry situation and putting us both in a baby store filled with items that are completely foreign to us is a recipe for disaster.  Who knew there were so many decisions to be made???

We started off really pumped and in a good state of mind.  We walked in to Buy Buy Baby and stood in the gigantic registry area directly at the front of the store and a woman called for another employee to come to the front for a "brand new registry".  The very young girl walked up to us and asked, "What are you guys here for today?"  Ummmm, "to register?"  I silently screamed, "Duh!" in my head but I think the girl could hear it anyway.  I was instantly on edge.  (remember the hormones?)  We got started shortly after and almost immediately knew we were out of our element.  It took us forever to decide on anything and DJ kept insisting we call our moms to help.  (no)  We were going to figure this out on our own and I was determined.  By the time we got to the back of the store and DJ started trying to convince me that we needed to change the nursery theme I was on the verge of losing my last ounce of patience and just at that moment a man-child walked up to us and cheerily asked how we were doing.  Well since he was within ten feet of us I am certain he was aware that he was approaching a hormonal pregnant woman and her husband bickering over, well, just about everything, so the answer is, not good sonny.  I shut down that very second, turned my back and just listened as the man-child began to tell my husband that "when things get like this it's probably best to just take a break..."  I didn't listen to the rest because I was in the process of walking away before the pen I was carrying around found itself to the man-child's eye socket.  DJ was embarrassed and walked up to me a few minutes later to tell me how rude I had just been.  I instantly burst into tears and told him we were not leaving and to give me the scanner and walk away from me for exactly 5 minutes.  Not. A.Word for 5 whole minutes.  After that it was smooth sailing.  We scanned the crap out of that store and decided whatever we chose was what was best and if it isn't then we will figure it out on our own, just like everything else. 

The hardest part of being pregnant for me is all the unknowns.  Everyone reassures DJ and I by saying that your instincts will kick in and I do have faith in that.  I've just always been the kind of person to need to know before hand how things will be, how things will change.  Having a baby though is just not something that babysitting can prepare you for.

Anyway, after that we got lunch and layed out by the pool at my mother-in-laws and cooled off.  We laughed at ourselves (mostly me) and I felt all the worry melt away.  I went home later and asked some mommy friends for advice edited some of our registry and went to Target to bang out our registry there.  We didn't get the painting of the nursery done but that's OK.  There is still time.  We went downtown that night to the river front, listened to some music and stopped on the way home for a cherry Slurpee.

We did make it off the couch for a McDonalds sundae though. MMMMM!

Sunday was extra lazy.  We layed out for a few and then headed back home to watch the first season of "House".  We didn't even make it to the fireworks.  The couch just seemed too comfortable to leave.  :)

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Holly said...

ahhhh that is exactly why i did both our registries online only! im so sorry you had a mini meltdown.