Friday, June 22, 2012

white girl problems

I've taken a break from all of the mommy-to-be books and picked up a really good summer read on the recomendation of my bff.  In the summer I can't be bogged down with heavy or sad novels, I can only read short, easy and funny novels that are not meant to be taken too seriously.  Yesterday I started "White Girl Problems" and I'm already halfway through. 

Babe Walker is a trip and if you want to get a sample of what you're in for you can read her tweets or her blog.  She is hilarious and will keep you seriously laughing.  Although, Babe Walker is unfortunatly a fictional character, the author behind "White Girl Problems",  Lara Schoenhals is a very funny chick that created Babe Walker, a wealthy, diet obsessed, California girl that has many unconventional ways of dealing with her "problems". 

I literally die laughing everytime I read the following paragraph:

"Everyone Mabinty invited to the Cartervention agreed to attend.  You'd have to be a real dick to blow off an invite to an intervention, but I won't say I've never done it.  I mean my cousin was addicted to gum.  Not my problem."

This is the kind of book I hope they make into a movie.  If you have any good summer reads send them my way please.  I'm flying through this and will need a replacement by Monday.  Tonight is the calm before the storm.  Tomorrow we are registering finally for Baby Bloom and starting to paint the nursery.  The plan is to get breakfast and then really get down to business at Buy Buy Baby followed by Hobby Lobby, Target, Ikea and Home Depot.  Whew!  I'm over-the-moon excited for this weekend!  We also have plans to meet with friends in downtown Detroit for River Days on Saturday night and then fireworks on Sunday night!  I love summer weekends!  Happy weekending to you summer lovers!

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