Wednesday, June 20, 2012

summa summa summa time

Happy 1st day of summer!  Whoa hot outside.  It certainly feels like the first day of summer in Michigan today.  Upper 90's mean that I will only be found in one of two places.  In my house in the air conditioning or in my mother-in-laws pool.  DJ had the day off today and was just leaving to soak up some sun with my brother-in-law when I came home for lunch.  Such a tease.  (He did actually clean the entire house for me though which I was so grateful to see I nearly burst into tears)

To make up for being lucky enough to have this gorgeously hot day off, husband grilled some cheese hot dogs for me (love) and while I considered eating on the patio I just couldn't deal with the heat.  Baby bloom already makes me run a little hotter than normal, no reason to sweat myself to death.  Am I right?!  After dinner we strolled downtown and made our way to get some frozen yogurt.

Hope you're keeping cool today :)

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