Tuesday, June 19, 2012

weekend inventory

Remember in the last post how I talked about my wicked hormones?  Let me tell ya, I really let the hormone flag fly this weekend.  I was a roller coaster of emotions. 

I was weirdly pleasant on Friday night despite working extremely late and DJ treated me to some new clothes and took me out to dinner.  We even bought the baby the most adorable little shoes.  Dude, baby shoes are painfully cute.

Little brother is officially a licensed driver...look out / freshly cut hair is so lovely
Saturday was hot hot hot and we spent the evening with the in-laws.  They took us out to eat after little sister's derby bout and we actually discovered that the baby has DJ's taste buds.  I ordered a hot turkey sandwich??!  Way out of my normal taste, but it is one of DJ's favorites.  This is where I tell you how crazy my pregnancy hormones are making me.  So, DJ asked if I would drive because he was planning on having a few cocktails.  I was perfectly fine with the driving part but apparently I am annoyed that he is allowed to drink and I'm not.  Up until recently I have not so much as even thought about alcohol really.  Everyone keeps asking me if I miss it, but in all honestly I haven't cared in the least.  However, as soon as I could see even the slightest tell of Drunk DJ, I was all fired up.  I told him that it was taking every single ounce of effort in me to not tell him that I think he's been drinking too much lately.  Um, what??  Where was I even coming up with this stuff?  DJ is not a big drinker.  He enjoys his booze but by no means have I ever even considered that he was drinking too much.  Anyway, this comment just made him laugh, which made me nearly Hulk out by the time we got home and his drunk had fully sunk in.  Ugh I feel so silly for that one.

She is such a heart breaker!

Don't mess with the hormonal pregnant chick
Sunday though I woke up with more love for my husband than I could even stand, it was all rainbows and butterflies over here.  It was father's day and he is the father to my son, my best friend, husband and lover.  Being a father is such an important job and I know he is going to be so great at it.  The best even.  All my hormones had gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.  I wanted to make him breakfast in bed (after I let him sleep in of course), hold his hand, take him out to lunch and a movie, make out with him, then make him the most amazing father's day dinner.  It was really quite obnoxious.  I was feeling incredibly lucky and I wanted to make sure he knew how grateful I was (am) and mostly I wanted him to quickly forget that I was such a lunatic the night before.  In true David James form he woke up, read his card and still wanted to make me happy above all else.  He's such a show off. ;)

This weekend we're finally registering for baby stuff!!  SO EXCITED!!  Is it really only Tuesday??


Veralynn said...

Oh, the joys of pregnancy! It's a crazy ride, that's for sure. And I agree 100% about baby shoes- I mean, do babies need shoes? Not really. But are they stinkin' adorable? Yes, yes they are.

I'm really enjoying your blog! Feel free to stop by mine anytime!


Laura said...

Thanks Veralynn!