Friday, June 15, 2012

being pregnant with baby bloom so far

My six month of pregnancy is fully underway and I have experienced so much at this point.  Each month brings new adventures in baby making and everything changes daily. 

  • My cravings have gone from one end of the spectrum to the other.  Corn dogs in the beginning, McDonalds french fries next, fruit dip and fruit, peanut butter and apples...Basically the cravings make it so that I eat that particular food morning, noon and night. 
  • Feeling a combination of exhausted and restless.  How is it possible to feel so utterly exhausted and then find myself tossing and turning all night long?  The issue is never that I can't fall asleep initially.  Oh no, I can fall asleep practically sitting up these days when it's time to go to bed.  No, the issue is staying asleep.  I have to *cough* pee *cough* often through out the night and once I lay my head back down it takes a good 30-40 minutes to fall back asleep.
  • Braxton Hicks contractions.  These suckers are pretty recent but they make your tummy feel strange and uncomfortable, plus it gets so tight and hard (that's what she said, ha).  I know it's normal but it's not the best part about being pregnant.
  • Another not-so-great experience I have had is the um blockage issues. no joke when you're pregnant.  I'm talking 8 days no relief at one point!
  • Baby kicks.  Belly time after work or right when I wake up in the morning is my absolute favorite.  I lay on the couch and just watch in amazement as I see Baby Bloom move and groove in my stomach.
  • Hormones!  I can be a real preggasaurus some days.  Some days I feel so bad for DJ.  I bite his head off for simply even asking too many questions in a certain time frame.  Besides my short fuse I also cry or sob rather at everything.  I read a blog yesterday about how someone announced to their family that they were pregnant in the form of a game of charades and about cried myself right out of my desk at work.
  • Debilitating foot cramps.  I read about the threat of leg cramps but mine are focused solely on my soles.  (see what I did there?) I cry and whine in agony while my toes curve wildly every minute that I don't hold my toes back towards the sky.  It's complete and utter torture.  The worst part is that the cramp takes so long to go away! Gah!
  • Great skin.  I really mean it.  The glow can be no joke.  I don't even need concealer for under my eyes.  It's a super plus.
  • Heart burn.  That line in "Juno" where she talks about having heartburn that radiates in her knee caps?  Hello, I'm Laura and my heartburn radiates in my knee caps.
I think that list seems like more bad than good, but I swear I have never been in a better place.  Pregnancy is lovely. 

Special thank you to my mama bear for treating me to a hair cut, manicure and pedicure yesterday.  This preggita really needed it! xoxx


Anonymous said...

If your soles are gonna be crampy, then when those toes point to the sky they should look pretty!! xoxoxo mama

Marianne said...

Heartburn?! Oh baby bloom is going to have a full head of hair! :) I can't get over how fast time is going. He's going to be here before you know it. Exciting!! xo

Holly said...

oh man, i am feeling grateful right now. 26 weeks and not experiencing much of these symptoms...yet!

i love the movements so much.

Laura said...

Congrats Holly on your pregnancy! You are one lucky lady over there! 26 weeks already and none of the above?! Wahoo!!