Tuesday, July 3, 2012

cool your jets

We're getting a pond in our backyard! The landscaping is slowly but surely happening, but it's happening in a big way. DJ has moved all the rocks from the gross rock garden that the former owner thought was so great ew and this week he started leveling, digging and making me jump for joy!

minus the rocks and before the pond
 To make things even better our tree is cut down! Oh, happy day for that sucker getting out of here! Our backyard grew another backyard this past week, I swear.  The dogs are happier than ever.  I think they will be disapointed when the whole thing is moved out of the yard and all cleaned up.

crazy excited!

On another note, it's HOT!

I'm such a heat lover.  Even in these 90 and 100 degree days I am in love with the weather.  Air conditioning helps obviously, but I am a big believer in a nice ice cold drink to cool off.  I found a fun drink on Pinterest called Magic Potion the other day and decided to try it out since the temperatures are out of control.

Magic Potion Ingredients:

Kool Aid mix (at least 2 of your favorite flavors)
Vodka (optional: not for me but the husband says it's the way to go for anyone of age and not knocked up)

You will also need ice cube trays :)

Mix your Kool Aid and pour into your ice cube trays.  If you have any extra just drink it straight while you wait for your cubes to freeze, because let's face it, Kool Aid is delicious.

Once your Kool Aid cubes are Kool Aid ice cubes drop a few into a glass and fill the rest of the glass with your Sprite (and vodka if you would like) and voila!  So simple and it tastes so yummy.

Enjoy your holiday, we're going to see some fireworks tonight! Hopefully it doesn't rain :(

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