Tuesday, May 29, 2012

weekend inventory

Whew that weekend flew by.  I always feel so thrown off by a long weekend.  Last night I nearly forgot about The Bachelorette!  Is anyone else watching this season?  I like Emily, I think she's so pretty and she has the most adorable southern charm.  Unfortunately I think that her suitors are mostly duds.  I don't know who picked these turds out but I am so bummed for her.  I do like Chris and Arie after last night though.  I have a lot to say about this show but we can save that for another day.

Back to weekend shenanigans.  Saturday was obviously a rain out for our garage sale.  DJ was super annoyed that every time he thought he could just go ahead and start setting everything up it started to pour.  We probably could have gone ahead late in the afternoon but instead we decided to start fresh Sunday morning.  Saturday afternoon DJ and I went out to Ichiban for dinner with my bestie.  DJ left us after dinner to watch little sister play soccer and us girls went to see the movie What to Expect When You're ExpectingIt was very cute and made me very emotional about having a baby soon.  After the movie I came home and went right to bed.  I have been feeling so crummy with allergies and have no relief to speak of.

Sunday the garage sale went off without a hitch.  We sold some stuff and worked on our front lawn the whole day.  We knocked out two birds with one stone.  Afterwards we packed up what was left over from the garage sale and piled it in the back of DJ's truck to donate.  I had a weird craving for Big Boy so we drove to the Big Boy down the street and what do you know it was tore down!!  We have lived in Plymouth now for 4+ years and never went to Big Boy, but the one day we decide to go it's been torn down.  (Apparently the Kroger we do all of our grocery shopping at is expanding)  We drove to the next closest Big Boy and there in the parking lot was the General Lee!  DJ was super stoked.  We decided to stay in on Sunday night and rent the Marley documentary about Bob Marley.  It was so good.  We ate gummy bears and cuddled on the couch.

23 weeks pregnant

memorial day

Bowie was scared to swim at the beginning of the day I swear.
 Monday we went to Gallup Park as planned and the day started off just perfectly.  The dogs played and swam and everyone was having such a good time until Bowie saw a group of young guys playing volleyball and he bolted after them and broke his collar.  Bowie does not stop when he gets loose and we both panicked.  DJ ran after him and Bella and I followed behind but they were both running so fast.  I told Bella to go get Bowie so she took off after our guys.  I lost them around a curve and tried to catch up.  I went around the next curve and still couldn't see any of them.  I was nearly in tears, until I finally heard DJ yelling at Bowie to stop.  I realized they were in the water behind all the brush.  I walked up to the water and DJ was fully clothed and swimming behind Bowie who was following behind a duck and then Bella was paddling close behind DJ.  It was quite a sight. The water was deep enough that DJ couldn't touch and covered in sea weed.  It was terrible.  The fun day was officially over after that.  We went home and watched movies in the air conditioning while the dogs snored.  How was your memorial day weekend?

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